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Former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, center, and two teammates kneel during the national anthem in a game against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 2 at Levi’s Stadium.

Kaepernick does not need football

People view him as either a hero or a degradation to heroes.Colin Kaepernick ventured into the blender of sports and politics in August and, much like the few athletes who have gone there before, he did...

To promote a healthier view of alcohol consumption, the US should follow Europe’s example of a younger drinking age. 

The US should lower the drinking age to 18

A proposed ballot initiative in California that would lower the state’s minimum drinking age to 18 has been cleared to collect signatures and could be voted on by April 2016.The initiative, like most...

The GOP focuses more on complaining and blaming than implementing valid political reform.

The grumpy old party is inaction in practice

I never thought I would live to see it, but a sitting President of the United States actually compared the opposition to a meme.In case you missed it, President Barack Obama at the Democratic National...

Incorporating people of various ages in a shared atmosphere is an alternative approach to both education and care for senior citizens.

Cross-generational integration

Amazing things happen when you put preschoolers inside a nursing home. Since the release of a video of preschoolers playing with elderly men and women in an “intergenerational learning center,” the...

Top trophy hunting countries in Africa based on proportion of hunters visiting. Regulating animal populations through trophy hunting is necessary for the well-being of human lives.

Kill or be Killed

Kill or be killed: that’s the reality for many families in villages in the African country of Botswana in the two years following the illegalization of trophy hunting.Animals such as lions and elephants...

 Much of the decor Charleen and John Mullen use in their home in Mariposa, California, are items they found at second hand stores, junk shops, yard sales, antique shops or salvaged by John, a contractor.


John Walker | MCT Campus March 6, 2015

 Much of the decor Charleen and John Mullen use in their home in Mariposa, California, are items they found at second hand stores, junk shops, yard sales, antique shops or salvaged by John, a contractor.

Harold Tom and Shirley Tucker in the wedding photo taken in 1945, left, and present day. Harold and Shirley are celebrating their 69th anniversary this month. The couple met at Cooks Roller Rink (now Pattisons) when Shirley was a 17-year-old high school student and Harold a 19-year-old sailor stationed at Farragut.

Waiting to say “I do”

According to a Pew Research Center (PRC) study last year, the Millennial generation is waiting to say their “I do's” longer than previous generations.Only 26 percent of our generation is married. When...

Two monarch butterflies feed on a Blazing Star plant at the USDA Forest Services Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois, Friday, Sept. 1, 2006.

Tracking butterflies with convicts: A WSU research story

BY HALEY WATKINS | Evergreen reporter September 19, 2014

Max security prisoners located at the Washington State Penitentiary are setting butterflies free this week.David James, Ph.D., is an entomologist at Washington State University, has inmates volunteering...

Overuse of cell phones and digital media can cause disconnection and strife between partners in a relationship.

Ask Abby

“My girlfriend is constantly on her phone. I know she isn't cheating or talking to someone else on her phone but it would be nice just to have some quality time without her being on her phone. What should...

Bueberry pancakes with homemade granola for a breakfast recipe that would match the wow factor of a fine dining brunch menu.

Flat meals gain dimension with global pancake variety

When your brain speed is slower than chilled sap, your stack of assigned reading rivals a tree for height and density, and you’re all out of tucker, then it’s time for pancakes.Pancakes are beloved...

Basic Granola is a two-in-one recipe: You can serve it with milk for breakfast or sprinkle it over nonfat yogurt for dessert.

Nutty for granola

People rarely consider what food sounds like.Taste and smell may be the main culinary senses, but don’t underestimate importance of hearing when seeking out a satisfying meal. The bubbling of a pot of...

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