Bidding on baskets

From staff reports

Alpha Ro Chi will host the White Rose Silent Auction this Sunday at noon.

The fraternity of architecture and allied arts, hosts this annual Mom’s Weekend auction as a fundraiser for future events and charity efforts benefiting the WSU community. Mom’s Weekend happens to coincide with the chapter’s founding date, and hosting the event annually on this weekend has become a tradition.

“It helps to generate more attendance,” said event organizer Alexis DeAtley, a sophomore School of Design and Construction architecture student. “It’s something fun to do.”

The auction features baskets filled with donated items from community members and art program alumni.

Fraternity brothers and faculty will auction off the baskets.

“There’s a big variety we cater to,” said DeAtley. “Because not everyone is an architecture student.”

The event comes in two parts. Brunch will be served from 10a.m. to noon, followed by the silent auction.

The brunch aspect of the event, which is sold out, allows attendees to talk and view the gallery space, as well as preview the auction space and make the first bids.

This is the first time in several years that a brunch element has been part of the event.

Reporting by Rowan Lopez Forkey