Fear not, new things are coming

From plants to redesigning the Evergreen, old Mint editor moves onto working as Managing editor

SANDI KOBIESA, Multimedia editor

Hi plant friends … oh wait, I’m no longer Mint editor! Hi friends, I’d like to introduce myself as your new Evergreen managing editor. 

My journey with the Evergreen has been an interesting one for sure. I started off on a whim as a copy editor and decided to write for Roots last minute. The funny thing is, I had no experience writing professional AP style articles. Math major over here! I fell in love with writing, which no one saw coming, and in Spring 2021, I applied to be Mint editor. You guys can kind of piece together what happened after.

Mint was a wonderful section to run; there was so much color and delightful things to write about. We ran an album review series, my plant series (I have many updates for you all on that), Artisans of the Dahmen Barn series and so much more. 

When applying for a position for fall 2021, I knew I wanted to pass the torch of Mint onto someone new but still be able to watch the newspaper blossom into something beautiful.

I decided to apply for managing editor again, on a whim. Loren Negron, our wonderful editor-in-chief, hired me, and we have been plowing through this summer with so many ideas for the Evergreen. 

We have revamped the style of the newspaper (let me know if you like it because I like it), changed up the website and are working on a bunch more fun projects. 

But fear not friends, just because I am working on a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff does not mean I will not be updating you on fun things like my plants. Yes, you read that correctly; Sandi’s world of plants will continue this semester, so be sure to follow along in the Mint section. I added quite a lot to my collection, as I worked in a plant store all through summer.

Last time I counted, I was up to 198 plants, plus I’m treating myself to a Monstera Thai Constellation. If you don’t know what that is, I highly recommend you Google it, but don’t look at the prices or you might give yourself a heart attack. 

Aside from all that plant nonsense, be sure to follow along with each section, as there are so many new, unique series coming this fall, and I’m sure you will find the perfect series to follow along.