Daylon’s Daily: two sides of the same coin

Hicks excited for outdoor season, ready to compete


Courtesy of Andy Thill

Hicks prepares to jump at The Podium in Spokane.

DAYLON HICKS, Evergreen reporter

With the indoor season out of the way, I can finally focus on the outdoor season. You may ask, “what’s the difference, you still jump either way,” and to that, I agree with you; however, the circumstances and atmosphere are much different outdoors. 

From the weather to the amount of fans watching, outdoor meets provide the passion that is needed for me to achieve success. Outdoor meets also help me realize why this sport provides such an impact on my life. The roars of spectators can be heard around the track as different runners, throwers and jumpers put their hearts into their respective events. Outdoor meets really do bring to mind the thought of how special this sport is. For me, I feel a personal connection with those who watch me compete, specifically my family. 

My parents were my coaches throughout my life — my father was one of the main people who helped me jump as high as I can today, and my mother helped me fuse my mentality and confidence into the way I tackle new challenges. My older brother provides me with advice by sharing his experiences. Whenever they are able to watch me compete, a fire brews in my heart not just to make myself proud but to make them proud as well.

To prepare for upcoming meets, practice is held outdoors to get used to the rain. During practice, it feels similar to summer because everyone is in a good mood, and it feels like all your worries about the indoor season have disappeared. You still have to work hard each and every day, but the vibe feels different for us athletes and the coaches. Outdoor is the chance for me to really do well because it feels like I won’t need to hold anything back. 

This will be my second outdoor season due to COVID-19 taking away my freshman outdoor meets. Last outdoor season, I made critical steps in my career, placing fifth at the Pac-12 Track and Field Championships. I remember that success each and every day to continue striving toward my goals and finishing strong as an upperclassman. 

Recently, I started to think about graduation and what things will be like when I eventually have to say goodbye to the sport. For now, I just have to live in the moment and seize opportunities when they present themselves.