Who is Aminé? Some thoughts on the artist and his bananas


Cougfest featured artist Aminé performing at the South by Southwest 2017 YouTube Party.

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

In the past year, the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) has presented several notable artists, such as Khalid, Vic Mensa, Logic and more. With an impressive transcript consisting of new and popular musicians, one can only ask: who is going to be kicking off the new school year?

With the various overviews of numerous syllabi and future exams, excitement during the first week of the semester is fueled even more by Cougfest, an event in which an artist performs for free on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall.

Cougfest this year will feature Aminé, another up-and-coming artist who is most popular for his debut single, “Caroline.” Not to be confused with anime, Aminé is an energetic rapper who seems to have an obsession with bananas, according to his Twitter (@heyamine). Is he an avid lover of the color yellow or is he passionate about potassium? Perhaps both?

Important questions aside, it should be stated that Aminé hasn’t been in the shadows for that long. The rapper has been active since 2014, producing a total of two mixtapes, titled “Odyssey to Me” and “Calling Brío,” as well as an EP titled “En Vogue EP.”

Aminé is being advertised as one of the most exciting young artists this year, according to SEB. He has performed on The Tonight Show and Late Night. As of lately, Aminé released his first studio album, Good for You. The nationwide tour for this debut album begins Sept. 2 in Seattle. Luckily for Pullman, SEB was able to snatch him before his musical career completely peaked.

At a glance, it is apparent that Aminé is a man of many talents and is bold as hell. This artist has already collaborated with big names such as Ty Dolla $ign, Nelly and Kehlani. He has even caught the eye of Kylie Jenner, a person whom he doesn’t seem to care much about according to his Instagram parody video.

One thing is for certain when looking at his social media, and that is his devotion to his fans. He’s willing to go to extra lengths to generate a laugh among his peers, such as his “White Chicks”-esque approach in his music video, “REDMERCEDES.”

Maybe the key to bringing Aminé back to Pullman is to morph WSU’s Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall into the Madison Square Garden with our enthusiastic cheers. Or we could simply throw bananas at him.

Speaking of bananas, SEB will be handing out these fruits all day Wednesday to students on the mall. Aminé will perform at 7 p.m. today on the steps in front of Todd Hall. The concert is free for WSU students.