Letter from the Mint editor: Fresh start

JENNIFER LADWIG, Evergreen mint editor

Welcome back, my lovelies, and allow me to introduce you to the new Mint section. The Daily Evergreen’s new management has made some really great changes to the paper, including refining the life section.

The life section now has themed days, with Monday being involvement, Wednesday being wellness and Friday being community.

So, now Mint essentially covers all the other awesome things that happen on the Palouse that don’t fall into those three categories. Mint will now house theater, music, fine arts, film, dance, movies, advice, sex and relationships, food and more.

There will also be a larger calendar each week, in an attempt to gather most local events into one place.

As I hire new writers, I will strive to help create a fun, sassy voice for Mint, and try to cover what you as readers want to see. Although Mint has changed significantly from spring semester, I firmly believe these changes are beneficial to you as readers and will improve the paper as a whole.

So, if you know of something going on in the community that should be covered by Mint, either in the calendar or as a column or article, please feel free to email me at [email protected] And if you think you could add more voice to the section, let me know and you’ll have the chance to show us how awesome you are. Now, screw the haters and go slay.