24kGoldn headlines Springfest concert on Friday

Springfest’s musical acts will be held in Compton Union Building senior ballroom



This year’s Springfest will be held in the Compton Union Building Senior Ballroom.

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

WSU’s 2022 Springfest will feature 24kGoldn as the main performer at 6 p.m. on Friday in the Compton Union Building senior ballroom.

“He’s had over 300 million likes on Spotify, so he’s a pretty popular artist. I had heard his music before, and he had a pretty big Spotify following,” said Olivia Burdick, Student Entertainment Board director of special events.

Burdick said all tickets are available online and are currently available through the SEB Instagram page. Floor tickets are $22 for students and $32 for the general public.

SEB has been working on organizing Springfest since September 2021, but they just scheduled the performing artists in January, she said.

“Once we got the contracts signed, we kind of asked ourselves when and where it was going to be,” Burdick said. “The first step is booking an artist and then going from there in terms of who, what, when, where and why.”

Burdick said when finding artists for events, the most important criteria are they must be within the SEB’s budget, they must be able to travel to Pullman and they must be available on the date of the concert.

This is the first Springfest since 2019, Burdick said.

“Usually, there is a new group of people working on Springfest each year. It’s kind of like a celebration of the year,” Burdick said. “It seems there’s a bit of a disconnect because of COVID-19. During the last Springfest, the seniors this year were freshmen.”

The 49th Parallel, a local band from Seattle, and Bankrol Hayden will open for 24kGoldn. 

Burdick said she hopes Springfest will be a fun event for students, and — with it being the first one in three years — she hopes it will be memorable.

“This is our first concert back from break, so that makes it special,” Burdick said. “We also will be giving out free merch, but being the first big concert back from COVID-19 makes it special itself.”

She encourages all students who plan on attending Springfest to come and have a good time.

“Tickets are available online, so go get them this year,” Burdick said. “It’s going to be kind of the party of the year, and we’re coming from all over to celebrate.”