Bite of the Palouse: Malō Cuisine is a refreshing summer treat

Mouthwatering food that will fill your stomach up without emptying your wallet



Watch out, you might just go back for seconds

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

So far Pullman weather is right up my alley, warm without being scorching hot, with just the right amount of breeze. But I know from experience that burning hot days are close ahead, and just like me, everyone needs the right dish to go along with the sun.

Malō Cuisine is the answer to your problems, a spot that I stumbled on entirely by accident as I was searching through the eateries in Pullman.

Located under the umbrella of the Lumberyard, Malō Cuisine is one of many booths in the large barn-like building located in the back left corner. While there are many choices in the Lumberyard, I would urge you to give Malō’s a try.

The Malō’s Instagram does a wonderful job explaining the type of food they saying, “Island food with a fusion twist that just hits different and comforts your soul all at the same time.”

For this wonderful culinary experience, I ordered the Kalua Pig, which comes with a side of rice and macaroni salad and a Kerns Nectar drink. It came out in quickly with a beautiful presentation. I had to restrain myself from digging in while my friends got their food.

Once I did though, oh my-lanta.

Picture this: the day is sweltering and you made the mistake of wearing a sweatshirt to raise your body temperature all the more. Anything cold sounds like paradise, and in steps in Malō’s macaroni salad.

Perfectly seasoned and perfectly cool. My only complaint? Not having a tub of it to eat like cookie dough. Apart from that,  the sides were a delightful treat that seemed to hit the spot as the day was getting hotter.

The Kalua pork was not shown up by the sides either and held its own in the culinary boxing ring. Tender, juicy and the whole rest of a thesaurus thrown in the mix made for a great entree to compliment the side without losing out on the flavor of either. The sweetness of the Kerns peach was not much to write home about but paired nicely with the meal.

With great food should come great atmosphere, at least if you want a full dining experience and the Lumberyard is able to give that in spades during the summer.

With their large garage doors and the open diners get a nice mix of music and breeze, while being able to sit in their extensive outdoor or indoor seating. The outdoor seating also comes equipped with shady areas to beat the heat.

All of this would make Malō a great dining experience on it own, but let us talk about the price. The food is not cheap, but will not cause you to take out a loan trying to get some good food either. Although you will not be eating Malō every day more than likely, it is a great treat on a hot day.

The price is worth it, you are paying for some quality food and delicious flavors. Serving sizes are moderate enough to not complain about but will still fill you up after a full meal. The Kalua pork was delicious enough to enjoy again and I look forward to trying the rest of the menu.

The rest of the Lumberyard is an open playground as well. Different booths offer good food and unique tastes that you can certainly combine with Malō. Do not hesitate to find something you like, though I am sure you will find it in Malō.

Get some friends and bring your appetite to Malō so you can fill yourself up with great food and a great experience.