Ask Emma: It’s not always like Sylly Week

First week of school can be stressful, nerve-racking, but ultimately easiest

MIKAYLA FINNERTY, Editor-in-chief

Dear Emma, 

I am so nervous about the first week of school and I have no idea what to expect. I know the week is called Sylly Week because professors just go over the syllabus, but it is not always like that is it? I just feel that it is going to get so hard. What should I do? 

Sincerely, Feeling Sylly


Dear Feeling Sylly, 

It is completely normal to feel stressed and nervous for the first week of school. Having classes pop up on Canvas the day before is daunting. You have all of these classes, with different expectations and assignments and it is nerve-racking. But, it will get easier. Think of Sylly Week as a soft opening to the semester. You will learn everything you need to know about each class and understand what to expect. Do not take this week for granted. This week will probably be the best week to get settled in before the hard work takes over. 

I recommend going through each class this week and marking the due dates in your planner or phone. This way you can see visually what days are going to be more stressful than others, but also never miss a due date. 

Take this week to get all set up with materials as well. Figure out what books, art supplies, or snacks you need. Even though the bookstore says you need one thing, your professor might tell you you don’t need it. So be weary of books and materials until the first week is over.

Utilize office hours! You can find the time, dates and location on your course’s syllabus. These times are for you to get clarification on unanswered questions and one-on-one time with your professor. 

Don’t forget to find your routine to avoid burnout. Establishing a routine now during Sylly Week will help you be the most successful for the semester. 

During Sylly Week you might expect professors to tell you everything you need to do. Wrong. You are in charge of your education and although professors are there to help guide you, you have to put most of the work in to get it done.

And that entails checking Canvas and email every day. Being constantly aware of what is happening in each class will help you be secure. 

Most importantly, have fun! Get to know the people in your classes and get to know the campus. This is an exciting time and you have a lot to look forward to! 

Best of luck,