GPSA: Cougar Health Services offered to graduate students

GPSA discusses services for graduate students; main focus is childcare, stipend, parking, health insurance

ALEXANDRIA BUCK, Evergreen reporter

At the Graduate and Professional Student Association meeting on Tuesday, students discussed mental health options available for students and their plans to make change in the spring semester.

Marie Grey, a member of GPSA, went over the different Health and Wellness options for graduate students at WSU. She said that there are many different options from the Student Care Network and the Healthiest You.  

“This is free for every graduate student at WSU, it does not matter what campus you are on: Global, Everett, Tri-Cities. It is free through graduate student health insurance,” Grey said. 

With this service, students are allowed free counseling and psychological services and even medical care. There is no limit on how many times students can see either a medical doctor or counselor, Grey said.  

“Please go seek treatment if that is what you need and are ready for, but it may take you one or two tries to get ahold of someone. Do not let that stop you, keep trying,” Grey said. “Even though it might take a while for you to get ahold of someone, keep trying. These resources are there for you to use.”  

Ajay Barman, another member of GPSA, talked about the four different main goals of GPSA.  

“Our main focus is always on childcare, stipend, parking and health insurance,” Barman said. 

He said that he wants to make sure everyone knows that even though the goals between GPSA and ASWSU are different, it is not GPSA versus ASWSU. The organization wants their goals to be a combined, joined effort. 

Barman said that GPSA wants to ensure the safety of students on campus, whether that is Pullman, Everett or even Global. They have goals like making sure the community has affordable housing for graduate students, and the universities work on mental health for students.  

On January 23, 2023, they will be traveling to the capital and talking to senators about the big changes that need to happen around campus, he said. 

“January 23 is the biggest chance to make meaningful big changes in student life. We can discuss our daily changes here, but if there is a need for them, it can only be possible if with the senator,” Barman said. 

Magdana Kondaridze, GPSA event planner, continued the meeting with sharing the upcoming events. She talked about there being a hike this upcoming weekend, however due to the air quality the event might be canceled or pushed back to the next weekend.  

Kondaridze said that on September 23, there will be a Restaurant Friday, where graduate students can get food from 7 to 9 p.m. The first restaurant will be O-Ramen and graduate students will get $10 off their meal. Plus, there is a book club that will be held September 30 from 9 to 11a.m. where sweets and tea will be provided. The book they will be reading is “The Monk who Sold His Ferrari,” so stop on by and join the discussion if it interests you and grab some sweets on your way out.