Out with the old, in with the new businesses

New businesses take over ones closed, hope to bring in more customers



Terracotta Pottery on S Grand Ave, Sept. 20th.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

With the closing of long-time businesses in Pullman came the opening of many new ones, and they are here for the long run. 

The pandemic caused a big shift in business operations globally, and small town Pullman took a hit. Taco Del Mar left during the pandemic, and a new restaurant is taking over, said Marie Dymkoski, Pullman Chamber of Commerce executive director. 

Mela Bangladeshi had a catering business here in Pullman several years ago, but then opened up a brick-and-mortar shop in Moscow, Dymkoski said. When Taco Del Mar moved out, Mela started renovating. 

“Hopefully any day now [they will open] and I think that’s going to bring a lot of students down. I’m super excited about it. Really, really good food,” Dymkoski said. 

After Reality got shut down during the pandemic, a new Mexican restaurant came in as well and filled the void, Dymkoski said. The previous chef of Nuevo Vallarta opened his own Mexican restaurant just a few weeks ago, Nayarit.

During the beginning of August long-time boutique Flirt pulled its stakes, and Monroe Men’s is now taking over that spot, Dymkoski said. Monroe Men’s has been in Pullman for a few years but is looking to rebrand and do women’s clothing with their new bigger spacing.

“In the space that [Monroe Men’s] was in is now called Terracotta Pullman, it’s a pottery art studio,” Dymkoski said. “She’s filling classes left and right and people are loving it. You can do your own pottery, paint your own stuff, all that.”

Candance Baltz, owner of Terracotta Pullman, soft opened her business the last week of July, and since August has been filled with classes and events, she said. 

“Pottery is generally an inaccessible thing to do and I wanted to change that. I wanted to make it as accessible and inclusive as possible, so that anyone that was interested in just trying to make something with clay has the ability to do that”

— Candace Baltz

In the middle of Terracotta Pullman and Monroe Men’s is Monarch Boutique, an upcycled clothing and home goods shop that just opened a few weeks ago as well, Dymkoski said.

Another Round Brewery and the Lumberyard were new additions to Pullman last year as well, Dymkoski said. In addition, Rosauers Supermarket will take place of longterm supermarket Dissmores.

Luisabella Beauty is a new nail and beauty salon that has come to Pullman, as well as Dom’s Donuts, a donut food truck, and Lindsey’s Good Dog Services, Dymkoski said.

Eric Dom, Owner of Dom’s Donuts, said he started doing business in May 2021 while waiting for their food truck to be done, which opened the first week of July.

“Business has been really good, especially on the football weekends, Saturdays especially. We’ve seen great business from the very start of this, that’s why we decided to do this because we recognized there was demand because there was no donut shop here,” Dom said. “People have been very appreciative of actually being able to get fresh donuts.”