Hitchhiker confesses to crimes elsewhere in state

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

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A hitchhiker found near Colton came forward to confess crimes Tuesday morning.

A female reported that she saw a hitchhiker around 5 a.m. Tuesday morning near Colton. The woman then rolled down her window in an attempt to make contact with the 31-year-old male when he said things that concerned her, Pullman Police Cmdr. Christ Tennant said.

The woman called Washington State Patrol, who in turn asked the Pullman Police Department for assistance as they were far from the location of the report. Pullman Police could not locate the suspect in question when they arrived on scene. They were then informed by Whitman dispatch that the hitchhiker had been picked up by another motorist and was on his way to Pullman for food, Tennant said.

Police then made contact with the man, whom Tennant said informed police that he wanted to confess to crimes committed out of the area.

“I asked him if he had done anything in Pullman or Whitman County and he said no so I redirected him to State Patrol,” Tennant said.