WSU swimmer sets record in Gibb pool

Hathazi sets school record in 200-meter butterfly



Swimmer Payton Bokowy was a member of the team that broke the 4x100m freestyle relay at the Pac-12 Championships her sophomore season.

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist

The swim team has started off their season with a pep in their stroke as swimmers are already closing in on breaking records. Even though the freshmen were nervous this meet, they still managed to come in and show their skill in the pool.

Emily Lundgren, freshman swimmer, placed first in the race in her 200-meter breaststroke, getting the sixth fastest time in WSU history.

The swimmers were divided up into three teams to compete: gray, black and white. The white team came out on top with a final score of 149 points. The other groups followed closely, with the gray team scoring 116.5 points and the black team earning 95.5 points.

Hailey Grotte, captain of the white team this meet had glowing things to say about her team and led them to victory through a lot of grit and tenacity.

“I think stepping on deck I heard some, ‘Oh my gosh I’m so nervous,’  but I think we really pulled it together and it was really fun just to be back and racing and kick off our season with a bang,” Grotte said.

The swimmers left it all in the pool today giving the most effort they could for each race, approaching records left and right.

“We have a lot of room to grow still but, you know, all in all I think our freshman really did a good job,” said head coach Matt Leach. “It was fun to see that energy and those nerves but now we have to calm them down again and get them used to this kind of atmosphere.”

Many of the swimmers came in close times to each other: within tenths of seconds of the times of their teammates.

Every swimmer in the 100-M freestyle event swam under one minute and approached under 50 seconds.

Freshman, Dori Hathazi, set the new school record for the 200-meter butterfly with a time under two minutes. This time is impressive not only for a swimmer but as a freshman, with so much time at WSU to grow. This shows a lot of promise for the team and for Hathazi herself.

“It was really good, everyone gave her best. and also team members swam good times so I’m happy,” Hathazi said.

Hathazi is always looking to improve her time but her mindset is something that the entire team shares.

“I want to be better and better race to race,” Hathazi said.