Demolitions the center of attention in the North American Fall Cup

V1 Takes the win with a 4-3 win over Gen.G in professional Rocket League


Gracie Rogers

The North American Fall Cup in Rocket Leauge.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

After the first regional saw no series go to a game seven, every single quarterfinal match in the North American Fall Cup went the distance, as well as the grand finals.

The Rocket League Championship Series NA Fall Cup has concluded and Version 1 is the new king of NA. It took two seven-game series in the playoffs, but the play of the trio was unmatched by any other team.

It is only the second regional win since the beginning of RLCS X and the team is looking the best they have as a unit so far.

V1 has distinct roles for their players that allows for their game plan to work effectively. “Beastmode” is the mechanical mastermind and offensive leader, “Comm” paves the way for Beastmode to make the plays that he does and finally the veteran “Torment” holds down the defense for the unit.

Comm has always been a controversial player in the community, as his playstyle involves disrupting the opposing team with demolitions and bumps. In his team’s semi-final matchup against NRG, he took his role as a disruptor to a whole new level.

In game three, a game in which V1 would prevail after a seven-minute overtime, Comm broke the North American record for demolitions in a game with 20, according to 

Most players will go entire tournaments without tallying even double-digit demolitions, but V1 and Comm are making sure that this game mechanic does not leave the meta anytime soon.

“Half the reason we demo is that other teams don’t know how to deal with it and the other half is that it makes them upset,” Comm said.

On the opposing side of the bracket, the European transfers of Gen.G were making a spectacular run. In their quarterfinal match, they had their grand final rematch against FaZe.

FaZe’s “Firstkiller” was the best player in North America over the tournament, as his goal participation was at 71.43% and he shot 28.30%, however, he was not enough to single-handedly carry his team on a deep playoff run.

Gen.G overcame 2-1 and 3-2 deficits to win the match 4-3. Up next, they took on SSG and easily took care of business in a 4-1 gentleman’s sweep.

Following their semifinal win, it was official that the organization would be one of the five teams that will represent NA in the Fall Major, as no matter how they do in the final regional, they will end up in the top five of total points.

That was the last thing on their minds as they prepared for their grand final matchup against V1. Falling short two weeks ago ignited the team and they looked to get it done given their second chance.

But, they will have to wait for the next regional, as V1 held a 3-1 game lead before finally getting it done in game seven. After 1:06 minutes of overtime, Beastmode hit the ball on target from midfield and it squeaked in, giving V1 the regional win.

Despite the win, the team had nothing but great things to say about their opposition from across the pond.

“They are pretty strong against teams with heavy hits. We decided to keep the ball low and control it, and it worked well for us,” Torment said.

The final four spots for the Fall Major are pretty open, as there are realistically seven teams fighting for the final two spots to be able to represent their country.