Third times the charm, Gen.G wins Fall Invitational

North America’s Rotterdam slots solidified after the third regional  


Gracie Rogers

Gen.G wins

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

Despite being the runner-up in the first two regionals in the Fall Split for North America, Gen.G won the third regional of the Rocket League Championship Series North American Fall Split. 

The NA Fall Invitational was the most significant regional thus far. Following its conclusion, the five major spots were locked up for North America. Coming in, only one team already had a spot clinched: that team was Gen.G. 

SSG, FaZe and Version1 all had relatively easy paths to getting a spot, but six teams were in contention for that final spot. The teams fighting for that last spot were Shopify Rebellion, Optic, NRG, G2, Furia and Complexity.

Shopify lost in the Swiss Stage round four, and NRG, Optic and Furia all fell in Swiss round five. All that was left was G2 and Complexity. G2 had a one-point lead coming in, so they needed to finish either equal or better than Complexity to clinch the fifth spot. 

It just so happened that the two teams played one another in the quarterfinals, a matchup that G2 easily won 4-1, clinching their spot in Rotterdam for the Fall Major. 

Next up, G2 faced a motivated Gen.G, the runners-up of the previous two regionals. That motivation and preparation paid off for the team, as they quickly took down G2 in a 4-0 sweep. In the series, they outscored their opponent 15-5, a massive difference in a fast-paced game such as Rocket League. 

“We just clicked. We talked about what we wanted to do and executed today,” Gen.G player ApparentlyJack said. 

Gen.G awaited in the finals, where FaZe met them. It was a rematch of the first regional of the split, a final in which FaZe had come out on top 4-1. 

The script was flipped entirely in the third regional, as Gen.G dominated in another 4-0 sweep, outscoring FaZe 15-5. The first match of the series was a 7-1 victory for the team. With that momentum, they never looked back. 

With the win, the two European transfers of ApparentlyJack and Noly solidified the decision to move countries as the right decision, proving to be one of the best duos in the region following the first three regionals. 

“I don’t know what to say, but it was a big gamble [coming to North America], but it paid off,” Noly said.  

Despite the duo playing well, the best player on the team and in the region as a whole was their teammate, Chronic. He tallied 1.07 goals and 1.07 assists per game for a goal participation of 73.17%. His score was 1.363, one of the highest NA has seen all season. 

Not to be outdone entirely, ApparentlyJack added 1.43 goals per game of his own but only shot 18.92%. Despite the rough shooting performance, the pressure and pure amount of shots on target proved too much for any defense to handle, helping the team win the tournament. 

North America now has a break. The non-major teams have over a month off. Gen.G, FaZe, G2, SSG and V1 look to prepare for Rotterdam to try and win the major for the region.