Pubs on the Palouse: Local craft beer to provide great taste and good times

Another Round Brewing elevates the brewing process by crafting their unique beers



Customers enjoy food and beverages at Another Round Brewing Company, Nov. 8, in Pullman, Wash.


Another Round Brewing Company opened with the motive of changing people’s mindsets about beers. 

Kit Spelman, Another Round Brewing Company owner and head brewer, said he has always been into craft brewing. Spelman did homebrewing, where he would make his own recipes for about four years prior to opening his own brewery. 

Spelman said a lot of customers go into the brewery and say they do not like IPAs, and he gives them a beer to try and they end up loving it. 

The brewery opened eight months ago, he said. They are still working on getting their name out there and getting people to learn more about them. 

“I want to broaden people’s horizons and palettes so they can taste different things and see ‘oh there’s different IPAs out there, they’re not always the same,’” he said.

Hannah Smith, Another Round Brewing bartender, graduated with her doctoral degree in natural resources in 2022 from the University of Idaho. 

“I’m passionate about beer. I think that beer is special, especially local breweries can be a really important business in the community because water quality directly affects the product of beer,” Smith said. 

She said there is a huge conversation between water quality and beer that she finds really important. Her passion for natural resources and beer interconnect and is what she finds fascinating. 

Another Round has a system for purifying water to make the best quality of water and beer that they can, she said. 

Another Round Brewing has 14 of their own craft beers on tap with a range of ciders, seltzers and non-alcoholic beverages, Spelman said. They have brown ales, stouts, a hefeweizen, as well as a wide range of holiday beers and IPAS. 

The West Coast IPAs are a little bit piney and bitter, the East Coast IPAs are citrusy, fruity and a little bit hazy, he said. Their list of beers are always rotating so that they can give customers different options when they visit. 

Spelman loves trying different breweries with his buddies, and they always ask, “should we stay for another round, or should we go?” When he decided to open his own brewery, he was trying to think of names and didn’t even realize they were saying the name the whole time. ‘Another Round Brewing.’ 

The brewery is very low-key and comfy, he said. It’s got wood paneling everywhere with entirely custom-made tables. It’s very friendly to all age ranges, with games and activities for young children to engage in as well. 

They have giant Jenga, cornhole, Connect Four, beer pong and TVs for people to watch sports games and different events throughout the week, he said.

On Thursday they host trivia night and Wednesday is game night where people can bring in any board game and get $2 off drinks, he said. 

Their most popular beer is called ‘Spacewalk’ which is an East Coast IPA with hazy, citrusy, fruity flavors. 

Another Round Brewing is made up of a team of four bartenders plus Spelman, he said. They’re all very friendly and will make conversation with anyone that visits. 

Hearing people say they are happy to have another brewery in town and love the variety of beer provided is Spelman’s favorite part of watching his business evolve over time. 

Another Round Brewing is located at 745 N Grand AVE, Pullman WA.