Street Talk: what’s your favorite rock ‘n’ roll band?

WSU students share the bands that make their ears dance



Grace Couey, sophomore wildlife and ecology major discusses favorite rock bands outside the CUB, Nov.15.

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter

For our special edition, I set out on a mall crawl to ask WSU students what their favorite rock ‘n’ roll band was, and why. Here is what some of them had to say: 

“Currently, my favorite is I Prevail. I really like their music, and it’s pretty similar to Linkin Park, they’re my favorite band of all time,” said Collin Mayata, senior mechanical engineering major. “[I prevail] has a nice balance of some screaming which is always good … a lot of their stuff can be more melodic.” 

Senior mechanical engineering major Ian Orshiro said his favorite band is Journey.

“It’s my parent’s favorite band, and so I kind of grew up with it, and have a lot of memories with it.” 

His favorite Journey song? A classic, Don’t Stop Believing. 

“My favorite rock ‘n’ roll band is Led Zepplin. I grew up with it, and also Jimmy Page has always been a guitar idol for me, even if he is a horrible person, guitar-wise he’s a legend,” said Grace Couey, sophomore wildlife and ecology major. “Right now, my favorite is the Lemon Song.”  

Sophomore nursing major Dominic Kremer loves AC/DC. 

Dominic Kremer, sophomore nursing major discusses favorite rock bands, Nov.15.

“I really like their guitarists, their melodies are pretty awesome, and their songs are just iconic.” 

Sophomore undecided major Dezi Zercher said her favorite band is the Backstreet Runners. 

“Their music is just really unique, I feel like they have a song for every mood you could feel,” she said. “They have some that are sad, some that are happy, just something for every moment.” 

Greta Van Fleet may be an unusual rock ‘n’ roll choice to some, but to Alysia Luna, psychology and Women*s gender and sexuality studies major, it is her favorite. 

Alysia Luna, psychology and women’s gender and sexuality studies discusses her favorite rock bands Nov.15.

“It’s the type of music you listen to with the windows down, and I love that vibe,” she said.  

Last, but certainly not least, let me tell you about my favorite rock and roll band. 

Hands down, I am going to go with Bring Me the Horizon. I have loved this band since I was in middle school, their mix of slow melodies, and fast intense guitar and vocals are simply unmatched. As far as songs go, I would have to say my favorites are Mantra and Hospital for Souls.