The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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Patty Fitzgerald sharing her plans for family weekend, March 27 in Terrell Library.

Street Talk: What are you doing this family weekend?

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor March 30, 2023

This spring family weekend, students are preparing for a weekend sleepover with their families. Patty Fitzgerald, accounting and management information systems senior, said her family has never missed...

Eastern Oregonians feel more related to Idaho than to Portland.

STREET TALK: Should Eastern Oregon Join Idaho?

ANNABELLE PEPIN, Evergreen columnist February 21, 2023

Rural Oregon counties are lobbying and voting to approve ballot measures to change the border of Oregon and become a part of Idaho. Eastern Oregonians believe that since their political views align...

Students discuss when the perfect time to put up a Christmas tree is.

Street Talk: When is a good transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas?

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor December 1, 2022

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is on the horizon. However, Christmas decorations and wrapping paper were in stores before Halloween was even over. I set out to find out one of the biggest debates:...

Grace Couey, sophomore wildlife and ecology major discusses favorite rock bands outside the CUB, Nov.15.

Street Talk: what’s your favorite rock ‘n’ roll band?

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter November 17, 2022

For our special edition, I set out on a mall crawl to ask WSU students what their favorite rock 'n' roll band was, and why. Here is what some of them had to say:  “Currently, my favorite is I...

Whats your favorite rock song? Reporter asked the community.

Street Talk: What is your favorite rock song?

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist November 17, 2022

Rock 'n' roll has been a genre since the great 1950s when it was invented by the great Chuck Berry, and has remained in our hearts thanks to amazing artists like AC/DC, Elvis, Led Zeppelin and many others.  Not...

How do you feel about billionaire Elon Musk purchasing the notorious social media site?

Street Talk: Elon Musk bought Twitter, thoughts?

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist November 10, 2022

For those who do not know about the recent news, Elon Musk – or his full name, according to a tweet, “Elongated Muskrat” – bought the social media site Twitter-dot-com. He paid a totally reasonable...

WSUs student populace has mixed opinions on the existence of ghosts.

Street Talk: Do you believe in ghosts?

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist November 3, 2022

During such a spooky season, ghost stories are bound to arise; but many cannot, will not or simply do not believe in the scary spirits from beyond. “I would not say I believe in ghosts,” freshman...

Sophomore Speech and Hearing Sciences Major Eliza Moore shares her thoughts on cannabis on April 12.

Street talk: Common misconceptions about cannabis use throughout generations

ELENA ADAIR April 14, 2022

WSU students said cannabis misconceptions are still relevant, but they are not as stigmatized as they used to be. Eliza Moore, sophomore speech and hearing major, said she has heard misconceptions and...

While some students are wary about the changes to the mask mandate, others are happy to not be wearing masks in class anymore.

WSU students express thoughts on mask mandate changes

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor March 28, 2022

Although WSU has now repealed most of its mask mandates, some students have decided to keep wearing their masks indoors. Julia Nally, sophomore elementary education major, said she did not think it...

Sophmore education majors Emilee Rodriguez (left) and Conner Crosby (right) share their thoughts on the worst Thanksgiving dish on Nov. 16 in front of the Compton Union Building in Pullman.

Thanksgiving dinner duds

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving break begins next week, and many WSU Pullman students are planning on heading home to spend the holiday with friends and family.  Thanksgiving break means Thanksgiving dinner is on the...

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