Who let the stoner cook?

You’ve read Cooking with Carson. But have you read Cooking High with Sandi?



The masterpiece of high cooking- Sandi’s completed meal.

SANDI KOBIESA, Multimedia editor

Let me set the scene: it’s 5:35 p.m., right before dinner time. I took an edible to prepare myself for a feast, but I, unfortunately, forgot that I must prepare the feast. So, let’s enjoy the journey of high cooking with Sandi. 

Last week, my partner and I received our first ever meal delivery kit, and tonight we will be making some kind of chicken with sauce and vegetables. And maybe a little dessert. And maybe something yummy to drink. We’ll find out. 

Feeling prepared, we headed to the kitchen. The recipe I chose was fried chicken breast with seasoned rice and sweet chili sauce. Simple enough. 


The first part of the recipe required me to chop up some scallions and garlic. The scallion part was pretty easy, but when it came to peeling and chopping the garlic, I struggled. I was also struggling holding the knife steady because I was shaking from hunger (and my high).

First of all, why does garlic have so many layers? Took me a solid five minutes to peel two cloves of garlic. Chopping garlic is also difficult. Why does it have a weird slick texture? It is so good but so difficult to add. 

I sauteed the two ingredients and added it to my rice in the rice cooker, and let it do its thing. I definitely messed this part up; I did not realize the vegetables were supposed to be added in the rice so halfway through the process I had to restart (don’t make my mistake).

While the rice was cooking, I seasoned two chicken breasts with salt and pepper and fried them on the same pan as my vegetables. 

While that was cooking, I proceeded to lecture my partner on the importance of not leaving the stove unattended (he did that once and my kitchen smelled weird for a really long time). After my lecture, I did not practice what I preached, and walked to my room to get my juice and pet my cats. 

I flipped the chicken, and got tired of all the physical work I was doing, so I grabbed a chair to sit next to the stove. I was too comfortable to scoot back to avoid the oil splattering on my legs. I am polka dotted from the hot oil.


The chicken was cooked, or at least my partner said it was because he was too hungry to wait. He was wrong. It was still pink inside. I cut it up into the slices and cooked them a bit longer. 

The chicken was cooked. Actually cooked until there was no pink. I served it over rice and topped it with the sweet chili sauce. 

The recipe for the sauce was pretty simple, just a tablespoon of butter, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce and half of a lime’s juice. 

I do believe this was one of the best recipes I’ve made. My partner said he really liked it. Though I’m not sure how accurate that is, he says that every time because I think he doesn’t want to cook.

It was not filling enough for me, so dinner was followed by half a bag of Cheez-It. 

Anyways, I recommend you guys try this recipe, though I’m not sure I was very specific on the steps. But make sure you add the Cheez-It. And the juice. And the post-eating nap session with a super fluffy blanket and New Girl on and cats destroying the bedroom.