Displaced in December: Aspen Heights proposes new move-in dates

Residents living outside The Hills or The Ruckus may move in January



For students who are currently living in The Ruckus Student Living or the Yugo Pullman Hills, their move-in date is still undecided.

CHLOE EKSTROM, Evergreen reporter

Students have not heard from Aspen Heights Pullman since Oct. 25 despite promises that students could move in at the end of November. It has been nearly four months since residents were displaced. 

Residents who made their own living arrangements at the beginning of the fall semester received a January move-in date, said Mark Evans, Threshold Agency director of public relations. The residents who chose to reside either at Yugo Pullman Hills or The Ruckus Student Living will continue to have their rent covered by Aspen Heights and will not be charged rent until their assigned move-in, which is still up in the air. 

Maddy Hilkey, senior political science and psychology double major, has been living in The Ruckus since August, after the initial move-in date for her Aspen Heights apartment was pushed back. 

“Free rent has been nice, but Aspen Heights isn’t telling us anything,” Hilkey said.

Residents were informed earlier in the semester that they would move in sometime in November but the dates were pushed back again, Hilkey said. 

Despite construction starting ahead of schedule, unanticipated delays caused by supply chain challenges have prevented residents from moving into Aspen Heights Pullman in August as anticipated,” Evans said. 

In October, Aspen Heights provided an update to residents that stated they would be conducting a phased move-in depending on their current living arrangements, he said. 

In an email on Oct. 25, Aspen Heights informed Hilkey that the exact day for move-in is being managed daily and the official move-in is expected before the end of the semester. 

“It’s very inconvenient,” Hilkey said. “I want to move into the apartment I signed a lease for but at this point I don’t know if it’ll ever happen.” 

Junior marketing major Brittney Gauthier has been moved more than once since she was informed her Aspen Heights apartment was not ready only days before her initial move-in date. 

“I’ve received hardly any information from Aspen Heights,” she said. “I don’t have a stable place to live and I don’t know when I will.”