Letter from the Editor: ‘Good night, and good luck’

Evergreen news section covered important topics from Moscow homicide to multicultural communities


Frankie Beer has served as the news editor since May.

FRANKIE BEER, Evergreen news editor

How do you start a letter to something that has taught me so much about myself, journalism and the chaotic goings on of the newsroom at 9 p.m.?

As I sit at my desk in front of a cardboard cutout of Spock, surrounded by a wall of newspaper clips from past print editions of the Evergreen, I hope our fall 2022 stories lived up to those on the wall — that they made you think, feel and question your preconceived notions and institutions in power. 

From covering the tragic homicide in Moscow and highlighting the prevalence of drugged drinks on campus to featuring multicultural communities and politics at WSU, our news section has tried so hard to ensure important events and people are covered, even those that may not always be visible in the media. 

This week is my last producing content for the Evergreen, and I am so sad to be leaving this amazing group of editors and the whirlwind that is interviewing and writing like your life depends on it. 

Without the Evergreen, of which I have been a member since fall 2021, I never would have developed my true love for telling people’s stories  feeling a burst of adrenaline whenever I hear a great quote and hearing sources tell me the work I do matters. Because it does. 

Although I am not entirely sure where my future is headed after the Evergreen, I know this newspaper was an important step in getting there. 

I, of course, have to acknowledge Deputy News Editor Liam Connors, without whom I might have lost my sanity. Having Liam to bounce ideas off of and send triple texts to has really helped the news section run smoothly. 

I also have to give a shoutout to my favorite managing editor and editor-in-chief  — NO SANDI don’t start crying again!!

I really leaned on these two women for support and guidance throughout this semester. They have bared with me as I stepped into a leadership role that is an immense responsibility, providing me with advice and reassurance. 

Providing news for an audience of about 54,500 readers has not been easy. Deciding who and what is important enough to cover while also trying to prevent my staff from burning out is a balancing act that I still have yet to master completely, but I appreciate all of you Cougs who stuck with me throughout the semester. 

Thank you so much for being a part of my journalism journey, and I hope you’ll continue to follow the Evergreen as they transition into a new semester — as I know I will. 

As the great Edward R. Murrow said, “Good night, and good luck.”