Letter from the editors: Ending our college careers off strong

News editors excited to learn, grow and work hard



Saydee Phothivongsa and Puneet Bsanti, news team for Spring 2023


Saydee Phothivongsa, News Editor 

Hi everyone! My name is Saydee and I will be the news editor this semester. 

Since I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for writing. I frequently enjoyed writing in grade school more than any other subject, and as I grew older, I often found it so much easier to find the right words on paper. 

Saydee Phothivongsa, senior public relations and multimedia journalism double major from Nine Mile Falls, Washington. She started working for the Evergreen in spring 2021.

When I started writing for the Evergreen, I was a shy college sophomore who wanted to build her resume and thought that with her love of writing, the Evergreen would be the perfect place. 

The first section I ever wrote for was news and wow! I was shocked at the amount of responsibility that was in my hands to tell these important stories and it definitely got the best of me. 

After a few months of reporting, the perfectionist in me was upset, tired and burnt out. I was still learning how to even be a journalist, and I just felt defeated. This led me to take a little break from the Evergreen. 

I always knew it would be exactly that: a break. Don’t get me wrong, there were many things I loved about being a reporter and there were some great experiences I got to have because of it. 

As a news reporter, I was up for almost any story. This led me to write stories about a local hotel transformation, Cougar Gold being featured on the Rachael Ray Show and the Palouse Council of Racial Equality as they came together for Juneteenth, to name a few. These were the kinds of stories that helped me realize my love of telling other people’s stories. 

I knew that once I felt confident enough in myself as a journalist and built some key skills I was missing, I would return to the Evergreen. 

Now, I am here as a senior (arguably still pretty shy) and ready with a newfound confidence to bring students the news that is important to them. 

I never imagined I would take on a role like this and, to be frank, I am a little terrified. I have some big shoes to fill. 

I’m also just as excited as I am scared. I’m excited to learn, grow and get to know all my fellow Evergreeners a little bit better this semester. 

Puneet Bsanti, Deputy News Editor 

This weekend I started my job as the new deputy news editor for spring, and I can already tell it is going to take over my life — but in a good way. 

My name is Puneet and I am a multimedia journalism and English double major. I have been part of the Evergreen since last spring, so it has been one year. 

Puneet Bsanti is a senior from Livermore, California studying Multimedia Journalism and English. She has been part of The Daily Evergreen since Spring 2022.

I came into the newspaper with a love for journalism and writing. It has been an incredible and educational experience, and one that I do not regret. 

I started my journalism career in high school as a sophomore and took a brief break during my freshman year at WSU. I had the best journalism teacher during those three years when I lived in my hometown in California and I still take some of the lessons she taught me into my reporting. 

I love the journalism field and how fast-paced it can get. I have met many incredible people through interviews such as Washington state legislators, political candidates, inspiring organizational leaders and students from different backgrounds. 

Last fall semester I had the privilege of covering stories about different multicultural topics. I met passionate leaders of these organizations, from mentors to student leaders. As deputy news editor, I am excited to get more reporters covering these important stories, which are integral to the diverse WSU community. 

This semester will be hard work, but it will be worth it, and I am looking forward to the stories we will get published. My news editor Saydee has already been incredible to work with, and I know that as a team we are going to make the news section a force in the Evergreen. 

I am also ecstatic to work with Mikayla Finnerty, our editor-in-chief, who has so far been an amazing leader when we were pushing out content about the Moscow homicide case

We will finish out the school year strong, especially as it is my last semester before I graduate and start a reporting internship with the Bellingham Herald.