With LeBron becoming the NBAs all time leading scorer, does he hold the GOAT title? 

Does Michael Jordan still have an argument for the best? 



Who is the Greatest of All Time in the NBA? Most consider either LeBron James or Michael Jordan to hold that title.

ERICK AGUILAR, Evergreen reporter

It happened, LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in all-time scoring and is now the league leader with 38,450 career points and counting. 

In case you were unaware, here are the top 10 scorers of all time:

  1. LeBron James – 38,450+
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabar – 38,387
  3. Karl Malone – 36,928
  4. Kobe Bryant – 33,643
  5. Michael Jordan – 32,292
  6. Dirk Nowitzki – 31,560
  7. Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419
  8. Shaquille O’Neal – 28,596
  9. Carmelo Anthony – 28,289
  10. Moses Malone – 27,409

So the sport’s most tensive debate makes itself relevant once again. 

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? 

In the NBA’s rich history, there are certainly a lot of names that draw consideration. These discussions can sometimes go off the rails, simply because of all the talent that has been through the league. Plenty of people propose Kobe Bryant or the old-school big men of Abdul-Jabar, Chamberlain or even Bill Russell. 

A case can be made for Shaquille O’Neal, and fans will never forget the legacies of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

But when it boils down to it, this is only a two-man race. LeBron or MJ are the only two men who can ever possibly be considered the best to ever touch a basketball. 

Just to be clear, both are on the Mount Rushmore of basketball legacy. 

In all reality, we will never truly know who the greatest is, all we can do is propose good arguments and hope they speak for themself.

The Case for Michael Jordan 

  • 14-time All-Star 
  • 11 All- NBA selections 
  • 9 All-Defensive first team selections 
  • 10 Scoring titles 
  • 3 All-Star game MVPs 
  • 6 NBA championships 
  • 6 Finals MVPs 
  • 5 MVPs 
  • 1 Defensive Player of the year award 

The most impressive stat-line, MJ has been to the finals six times and has six rings, no such thing as a wasted opportunity. 

Sure, through his career MJ has had unbelievable teammates such as Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman. But no player has ever been able to achieve greatness by themselves, it has never been done and it never will be done.

(Except for Dirk, but that is different.) 

People forget the game was far more physical and intense in the 80s due to officiating. Jordan had to deal with hand-checking and way more “in your face” defending.

Jordan had the ability to three-peat, twice. People do not realize how incredibly hard that is to do. 

The Case for LeBron James *as of current*

  • 19-time All-Star 
  • 18 All-NBA selections 
  • 6 All-Defensive first team selections 
  • 1 Scoring title
  • 3 All-Star game MVPs 
  • 4 NBA Championships 
  • 4 Finals MVPs
  • 4 MVPs
  • 0 Defensive Player of the year award 

LeBron has also had his share of unbelievable teammates in Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. 

An interesting take on LeBron is the fact that his career could very well be separated into three different careers, and all of them would be HOF worthy. =

Not to mention, the quality of players is greater in today’s NBA compared to when Jordan was in the league. 

Now, here is the biggest bid to legacy. 10 finals appearances … four rings. 

At the end of the day, the whole discussion is up for debate and opinion. 

But in my book, MJ will forever be the greatest to touch the floor. LeBron has had a more notable career, but as a competitor—as an athlete. Six for six baby, ball don’t lie. 

Honestly, the fan base should not have a problem with the conclusion whatever it may be. Both are unbelievable players. 

“I covered these dudes … everybody universally respects LeBron … but they feared Jordan,” said Stephen A. Smith.