Fans can enjoy alcohol on game day in Beasley Coliseum

Students and fans hopeful the policy will translate to Martin Stadium



WSU students cheer on the men’s basketball team before an NCAA college basketball game against UW in Beasley Coliseum, Feb. 23.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

WSU home basketball games just got a lot more fun—  fans can now take beer and wine to their seats, regardless of where they are in Beasley Coliseum outside of the student section, effective Feb. 11. 

The policy was brought into effect before WSU hosted University of Washington in the Apple Cup, with tickets being available in the policy’s press release

Bill Stevens, senior associate director Athletics and Creative Communications, said it is something that WSU athletics has been exploring for some time. Their goal is to expand the amenities that are available and provided to fans on game days. 

As of now, it is just a policy implemented in Beasley Coliseum. Bringing the policy to Martin Stadium and football games is something that is still to be determined, Stevens said. 

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the fan experience at all of our venues and this is an area of the in-venue experience we will continue to review,” he said. 

Stevens said the policy’s goal is to provide additional options for the WSU fan base who want to enjoy the game with expanded concession items.

For senior biology major Sophie Barber, the policy is more of an incentive to attend the games in person, rather than staying home on gameday. Barber said she went to more games this year than last, with a major reason being the limited seating available to drink alcohol in previous years. 

Despite that, Barber said her initial reaction to the announcement was more surprising than anything.

“I was surprised by this change because I understand why it is a risk to allow this at sporting events with the ‘pre-gaming’ drinking culture we already have here,” she said. 

The policy has strong potential to get more students in the seats, as there are more possibilities for seating outside of the beer garden,  said Kasen Hunsaker, junior sports management major.  

He said that he himself will not be going to games more often strictly because of the policy, but will go more often if there are more people in attendance on a nightly basis. 

“I think it’s a great thing to happen though as I’ve been in the beer garden before and it sucks to have to watch the game so far away when there are so many seats open,” he said. 

Barber said it is a policy that would also have a positive reaction if it is implemented for the football season. 

“I think it’s definitely something they should consider doing at Martin [Stadium] not only for students but for the parents and alumni that come to the games,” she said. 

Hunsaker shared a similar sentiment, hoping that Martin Stadium will too see a change in the alcohol policy soon. 

“I loved hearing that Beasley Coliseum was making this change and think it would be a great choice to do it for Martin Stadium as well,” Hunsaker said.