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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The shock of the night: the fries were delicious

Bite of the Palouse: La Casa Lopez’s Marg Night is yet another reason to go

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist March 2, 2023

Tastebuds change, people mature, but La Casa Lopez stays one of the best places to get Mexican food on the Palouse. There are a handful of good spots on the Palouse to satisfy your Mexican food craving;...

Butch T. Cougar hypes up the student section during an NCAA men’s basketball game against Arizona, Jan 26.

Alcohol in Stadiums will give a boost to WSU athletics

LUKE INGHAM, Evergreen columnist March 2, 2023

The positives of alcoholic drinks simply outweigh the negatives. This is a way that the athletic department can give back by generating more revenue for the university. When you think about the stereotypes...

WSU students cheer on the mens basketball team before an NCAA college basketball game against UW in Beasley Coliseum, Feb. 23.

Fans can enjoy alcohol on game day in Beasley Coliseum

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor February 22, 2023

WSU home basketball games just got a lot more fun—  fans can now take beer and wine to their seats, regardless of where they are in Beasley Coliseum outside of the student section, effective Feb. 11.  The...

WSU upholds current drug policies

WSU upholds current drug policies

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor November 17, 2022

While cannabis may be legal under state law, WSU is held to federal law when it comes to what is legal to use and what is not. Karen Metzner, director of the Center for Community Standards, said her...

Always know how much you are drinking and what is in a drink. Keep caps in your pocket or alternate between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

WSU students can use simple tricks to improve health, safety while drinking

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter November 1, 2021

Simple practices could help WSU students mitigate alcohol-related harm caused by increased drinking and the return to campus.  Unrestricted alcohol use can create negative consequences for students;...

It is almost Halloweek, and if past years are any indication, Pullman and WSU police officers will have their hands full of crimes and costumes.

Police anticipate alcohol-related offenses during Halloween season

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Editor-in-chief October 21, 2021

As Halloween approaches, the WSU and Pullman Police departments are preparing for a possible increase in crime rates. Many crimes occurring during Halloween are typically alcohol-related. Pullman PD...

For 24 consecutive months, participants filled out surveys indicating their relationship status, friendship importance, social motives, alcohol use and related consequences.

Young adults more likely to use alcohol when casually dating, study finds

ANDREA GONZALEZ, Evergreen reporter July 9, 2021

Young adults are more likely to drink alcohol when casually dating and when friendships are placed at high importance, several researchers found in a study published June 15.   When young adults were...

The Dutch Shisler Sobering Center is where the researchers worked with participants and educated them with methods to stay safer even if they kept drinking.

Sobriety not required to reduce alcohol dependency

ANNE-MARIE GREGGS, Evergreen reporter April 1, 2021

People experiencing alcohol use disorder can reduce alcohol dependency without giving up alcohol, WSU researchers found. Alcohol use disorder is a diagnosis that consists of different levels of alcohol-related...

Participants received a token each time they returned a urine sample that was negative for alcohol. The tokens were put into a drawing. The person whose token was drawn received a prize, which could be fishing supplies or beading supplies.

Rewards decrease alcohol use in Native communities

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen roots editor March 18, 2021

One WSU study found that American Indian and Alaska Native adults struggling with alcohol use disorders had 70 percent higher odds of abstaining from alcohol when researchers used contingency management. The...

Sam Martinez was a 19-year-old WSU student. He was empathetic and loyal to those he knew.

Family, friends of Sam Martinez commemorate his life one year after death


Fall is a difficult season for Jolayne Houtz and Hector Martinez. On Oct. 3, they celebrated their son Sam Martinez’s 20th birthday, and today marks the first anniversary of his death. “Our family...

Alpha Sigma Phi’s new members were told to consume alcohol quickly in a parking lot near NE Terre View then run to Jack in the Box afterward.

Records show WSU fraternity engaged in hazing

LOREN NEGRON, Evergreen editor-in-chief November 5, 2020

Records show that WSU's Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity engaged in hazing during a new member activity in March, which led to its loss of recognition. The fraternity’s hazing violation is noted in the...

Drugs and alcohol are portrayed in a positive, fun light in pop culture, but that doesnt tell the whole story.

OPINION: Pop culture depicts drugs too positively

PORTIA SIMMONS September 8, 2020

In honor of September being National Recovery Month, I decided to investigate today’s depictions of drug use through pop culture, social media, television and the negative effects of it. Ken Faunce,...

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