Luke Tyler’s parents believe fraternity hazing led to his death

Investigation into Luke Tyler’s death remains open after hazing allegations



The court found the “special relationship” between the univeristy and its students does not extend to off-campus activities

ALISA VOLZ, Evergreen reporter

WSU Police Department is continuing to investigate the death of Luke Tyler, a 19-year-old freshman who died of suicide on Jan. 22.

In a statement to King 5, Tyler’s mother, Colleen Tyler, said she believes hazing at Theta Chi Fraternity contributed to his death.

“He wanted to belong, and we believe the rituals that were part of this fraternity had dangerous components that added to his adverse mental and physical health,” she said. 

WSU Police Chief Gary Jenkins said officers are investigating from numerous angles. 

“We are looking into all factors contributing to his death,” he said.

Tyler’s family released a statement in February after his death that said hazing played a role in his suicide.

“He had shared with close friends that he was at his breaking point due to hazing at Theta Chi, and we look forward to learning the truth about his experience,” the statement read.

Theta Chi has yet to respond publicly to the family’s statement with King 5.