Letter from the Editor: Magazine Edition

Special edition for Spring 2023

Editor-in-chief – Mikayla Finnerty 

This is a very special edition for our team. Each semester the EIC gets to choose a special edition. Last semester we had a “Sex, drugs and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’” edition supervised by former EIC Sandi Kobiesa. These editions are decided solely by the EIC and usually dictate the theme and content for the entire paper.

This semester, we have created a Daily Evergreen Magazine. Our editors have worked tirelessly on this edition with a focus on creative layout and thought-inducing content. Straying away from the typical newspaper layout, I wanted to challenge our editors to think creatively about how they package content.

I challenged our team to include investigative and thorough pieces relating to the Palouse and the nation. In this edition, you will find pieces about the current abortion ban in Idaho, commentary on the controversial Willow project, and a piece about a WSU kicker creating a foundation to honor his mother who had cancer.

Among other topics, this magazine is created with visuals at the forefront to complement each topic.

Thank you to our community for a great semester and thanks to our amazing team for pulling this together. You can find the magazine edition in green boxes around Pullman.


Managing Editor – Kestra Engstrom


This magazine edition is unlike any special edition (or really any edition) the Evergreen has ever published. 

Our incredible team of reporters, editors, photographers and illustrators had to collaborate like never before in order to put together the newspaper in your hand. These sixteen pages are a beautiful showcase of their immense creativity and dedicated reporting.

No one except the people in our newsroom knows just how much care and thought go into each page of the Daily Evergreen. Every piece in a paper requires a writer and their editor to come up with an idea, a writer to track down information and sources before they can even think about writing, an entire team of editors to make sure everything is accurate and well-written, a photographer or illustrator to capture the essence of the column or article in a visual, then another editor to put it all together in a gorgeous spread before it can end up in your hands.

It is a complicated process requiring hours upon hours of hard work. Sometimes we only get by because we support each other and take pride in our work.

This magazine edition is perhaps the biggest project we’ve taken on together as a newsroom, but I can confidently say there is not a team anywhere else more capable of creating it. We truly hope you enjoy the artistry of our spring 2023 special edition and can feel the love and care that went into every page.