Daily Evergreen Copy Chief moving on after four years at WSU

Tessa Durand reflects on College Life and her friends that influenced her



Copy Chief Tessa Durand and her dog, Maisy.

SETH STERN, Evergreen reporter/Copy Editor

Senior Tessa Durand followed her dreams and career when coming to WSU.

Tessa has attended WSU for the past four years. She will be honored by WSU as she is set to graduate Saturday.

Tessa was unsure if she would attend WSU during her senior year of high school. With Portland State University being her other ideal school, she eventually decided that WSU would be her school as she liked the idea of moving from California to Washington.

“When talking with my friend back home, I was told to do what made me most happy,” Tessa said. “I had never been to the state of Washington before and wanted to explore a new area, especially if it would help me follow my dreams and find a career.”

Tessa has done so much in her life to bring her to where she is today. Being born in Chicago, Tessa eventually moved to San Francisco with her parents Brian and Jeanette and her brother Winston. She would meet some of her best friends Iona and Claire while still going back to Chicago to visit some of her other best friends Mary and Annie.

Tessa’s family moved around a few times in California but eventually settled in Moraga, which is located next to Oakland and San Francisco. 

When Tessa turned 15, she received the greatest gift she’s ever had. Tessa became the owner of her very first dog, Maisey the Chihuahua.

“Maisey is one of the most important pieces in my life,” Tessa said. “I want her to feel loved and supported by me.”

Tessa would eventually graduate from Miramonte High School with her friends and decided that she would attend WSU. Coming to WSU in the fall of 2019, Tessa declared a philosophy major with minors in English, ethics and psychology.  

In her early years of college, Tessa would meet another one of her dear friends, Autumn. The two would spend lots of time together and share many fun moments, whether it was with friends groups or just together, Tessa said. 

While going through college, Tessa was meeting so many people and making lots of friends. There was just one thing missing though, she wanted to see Maisey. Maisey was still living in California with Tessa’s parents, but that would change. That is when Maisey would eventually make the move to Pullman to live with Tessa to this day. The two love spending time together, playing, and going to some of the dog parks here in town. Rumor even has it that Maisey helped Tessa with her homework to graduate. 

“Having Maisey come to live with me in Pullman was one of the best things to happen throughout my college life,” Tessa said. “While there is a lot of responsibility that comes with taking care of her, I wouldn’t change her coming up to live with me at all.”

Tessa has worked many jobs throughout her college career. The first place she was hired was by the Daily Evergreen. Her second college job was at the Flix Café & Market, located on the southside of campus. She worked here from the fall 2021 to the spring 2022, she said.  

While still copy editing for the Evergreen, Tessa finished up working at the Flix Café & Market and decided to apply for a job at Ferdinand’s. This was one of her best decisions as she’s always wanted to work at an ice cream shop, she said. This was where she met many of her friends like Trinity Cobb, senior special education major.

“I’ve always found Tessa to be such a kind-hearted soul, and someone that I’ve always enjoyed spending my time with,” Trinity said.

Tessa is excited to graduate, as she has enjoyed her four years at WSU, specifically her senior year as she has made the most of her time with it. This will be another exciting moment in her life that makes her family and friends even more proud of her.

After graduating, Tessa plans to stay in Pullman for at least another year. She wants to work as a copy editor for a news company where she can make a bigger name for herself. She credits the Evergreen for wanting to continue to be a copy editor as she learned how much she really likes doing it. 

“I’ve definitely found what I want for a future job,” Tessa said. “The Daily Evergreen has helped me with this as I want to be a copy editor for a major news company. I’m thankful for all of the opportunities that I’ve had ever since coming to WSU and I am very thrilled and excited to graduate this Saturday.”