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Gunner Miller does it all en route to Murrow graduation

Senior will pursue coaches film after graduating
Gunner Miller at the 2023 Apple Cup, doing coach’s film for the WSU football team, Nov. 25, 2023, in Seattle, Wash.

Gunner Miller, senior broadcast news major, has done just about everything there is to do at the Murrow College and beyond, but it was one of the last things he did that made him realize he knew exactly what he wanted to do after graduating.

Gunner has produced and directed a show for the student club Cable 8, became a member of the executive board for the same club, has written a handful of articles for the Daily Evergreen, is a Murrow ambassador and got selected as one of six students to represent Murrow on the Major League Baseball Spring Training trip during spring break this year. Still, all of that has been just a footnote in his college story.

He joined the WSU football team as a member of the coaches film team for the 2023 season, where he operates one of the cameras filming practices and games for the coaches to view when preparing for the rest of the season. Working with the team, he found a new passion, one he plans to pursue as his profession once he graduates in May.

“I’ve really grown to love coaches film. Getting an internship or job with the Seattle Seahawks in coaches film would be the dream,” Gunner said. “I’ve already achieved the dream of working in WSU athletics, so I think the sky is the limit.”

Gunner Miller during a WSU football practice on a lift to get film of the practice, 2023, in Pullman, Wash.

Sports have been the focus of not only his college experience but his life as a whole. Growing up watching sports, he was unsure if he would be able to work in the industry when he started at WSU.

But, by joining Cable 8, he had the opportunity to intersect his passion for creating videos and broadcasts and being involved in sports. After starting the show “Wazzu Recap,” a series of individual game recaps posted the day of a game, he became a media member on the field of football, basketball, volleyball and more for WSU athletics.

“I think sports are what I’m sort of what I’m called to do. Not many things in my life, other than family and friends bring me as much joy as sports do,” Gunner said. “As a hobby, a lifestyle or a job profession, sports have always been that important in my life.”

Starting “Wazzu Recap” and working with the crew of the Cable 8 show “Coug Zone” got Gunner’s foot in the door of sports content at WSU, something he said he is forever grateful for as it got him his role with coaches film. While no longer a part of that show, Gunner is still constantly around Cable 8.

Ahead of the fall 2023 semester, he started the position of special projects vice president, in which he oversaw several shows in the club, guiding the producers and directors creatively and technically to maximize their visions. Since then, his position has morphed into the TV vice president — a similar role, but one in which he now serves as the advisor for even more shows.

Even though he is still not the lead of “Wazzu Recap,” his show lives on and is now produced by The Daily Evergreen’s own Sam Taylor.

While he spent a lot of time during the fall semester working with the football team, he is used to committing himself to something he is passionate about and dedicated to by now, especially since he said working with Cable 8 has generated several all-nighters and long nights editing videos to get them out as soon as possible.

His hard work has paid off. He has won multiple producer of the year awards at Cable 8 banquets and his work ethic is the main skill that friends, colleagues and professors have noticed in him.

“Gunner is the most hardworking, caring and enthusiastic person that I know,” Gunner’s hometown childhood friend Austin Swihart said. “He has a personality that is unmatched when it comes to keeping his friends happy at all times.” 

While this trait is something Gunner said he always has had, he acts like a sponge to information and skills around him. 

“What makes Gunner himself is being wise beyond his years,” Damien Alvarado, Gunner’s friend and 2023 WSU broadcast news grad, said. “He surrounds himself with so many people that he’s able to learn from them and use it to his advantage.”

Gunner said being a Coug was always his first option. During his college decision-making process, he only had one destination in mind, thanks in large part to the influence of his mom.

“My mom is an alumna of WSU so I grew up always watching the Cougs, whether it was football or anything,” Gunner said. “I kind of always knew I wanted to go here, I never really looked at any other schools.”

Gunner’s relationship with his mom, Shawna Miller, has been critical to his development as a professional and as a person. He and his mom have what she called a very close bond. Gunner calls his mom on most nights, talking to her as a close friend and someone he seeks advice from.

“I would like to believe our close bond has helped him propel forward in life,” Shawna said. “He can focus on becoming the best version of himself with an understanding that mom is always in his corner, cheering him on.”

Gunner Miller running out during his senior night for coach’s film, Nov. 17, 2023, in Pullman, Wash.

While on the West Side of Washington, his mom has seen just how much being a Coug has benefited Gunner. She said that Gunner has been able to make a lot of friends while in college, thanks in large part to his attitude and personality, but she said that is nothing new for him.

“I believe his authenticity is why he is likable,” Shawna said. “When Gunner was little and we had to leave a family function, he would cry because it was so hard for him to say goodbye to the friends and family he loves.”

His personality has continued to bring Gunner closer to the friends he has made and was also a key selling point for his candidacy for the upcoming Murrow Spring Training trip. For scholarly assistant professor Wendy Raney, the advisor of the trip, Gunner showed in his interview that he was someone ready to take the opportunity seriously and get the most out of it.

“Sincerity is something that rings true when I think about him,” Raney said. “He is thoughtful in his approach to things.”

Gunner is still battling his biggest struggle as a student and creator. Gunner said he has always been hard on himself, falling victim to the pitfalls of comparison and not feeling his work is good enough.

Gunner proved to be his own biggest critic, something he only has recently been able to get past after others in and outside of his friend group told him what he was doing was not only good but some of the best they had seen, making him more confident in his skills.

“I think I’m finally coming at peace with, like, man, what the things I’m doing now are really cool and it’s really shaping for my future,” Gunner said.

While his graduation draws nearer and his hopeful career path is still relatively new to him, Gunner will always be happy he chose to become a Coug.

“It’s been the best decision I ever made in my life. I can say I’m truly blessed to be where I’m at,” Gunner said. “I love Pullman. I love being a Cougar.”

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