Fall fashion: Cozy, comfy and just like heaven

Turtlenecks are in; we are out in the leaves reveling in amazing autumn glory


JONI COBARRUBIAS | Evergreen Photo Illustration

This year’s fall fashion trends include turtlenecks and distressed denim.

JENNIFER LADWIG, Evergreen mint editor

With the turning of the leaves comes a change in our wardrobes. And fall may be the best season for creating your own fabulous style.

Instead of pretending I know anything about clothing and fashion, I instead turned to Mia Peterson, the owner of Flirt in downtown Pullman.

Peterson said she loves fall for the soft and cozy fabrics. I can certainly agree to this, as I sit here writing this column in my soft, fuzzy knitted cardigan. I am also currently daydreaming about my gray and pink scarf, which is so plush and lovely. I got it for free because of coupons, so it’s all the more amazing.

JONI COBARRUBIAS | Evergreen Photo Illustration
Fall fashion is all about comfort and layering, according to Mia Peterson, owner of Flirt in downtown Moscow.

Peterson also said that fall fashion centers around comfort and layers. Enter cardigans, scarves, vests and flowy tops.

This concept allows for each individual to create their own fashion identity. For example, I am in a phase of wearing a light coat with a scarf and a brooch. I have a friend who has this gorgeous olive green sweater that goes to her knees in the back, parting in the front so she has some mobility. It looks like the comfiest damn thing to ever hit the racks.

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is the colors. I have an excuse to wear black, with just a touch of life in a rust-orange scarf or brown boots. While in Flirt the other day, I saw a row of muted earth-tone bralettes that made me swoon. Hot pink and bright green are great and all, but bring me my cozy colors and I’ll be a happy camper.

Peterson said that the fashion trends she’s noticed this year are turtlenecks, cold shoulder tops, distressed denim, over-the-knee boots, hiking boots and short rain boots. I can roll with some of these, I love some cute boots, but the cold shoulder tops? I don’t want my shoulders to be cold. And turtlenecks can stay in the ’90s where they belong. But maybe I feel this way because turtlenecks just make my round face super obvious.

But to that girl I saw today in a black turtleneck with an olive green coat, you looked amazing, keep it up and wear a turtleneck for me.

Although Peterson tries to keep up with the latest trends, she said she focuses on stocking items that are wanted by her target audience. What is unique about Flirt, however, is it is frequented by college students, as well as the “adult” population in Pullman.

“We find fashion for mothers, daughters and grandmothers alike,” she said. Wouldn’t that be fun, a shopping date of three generations?

I don’t know if that’ll happen any time soon, but you know what might happen tonight? My second box of scarves might come out to play this autumn season. And that burnt umber bralette might make its way into my closet.