Auditors office makes ballot mistake

YASMEEN WAFAI, Evergreen assistant editor

The City of Pullman released a statement Thursday that they were contacted by constituents with concerns that their ballots contained incorrect information.

The statement said the mistakes were related to the City Council election.

City Supervisor Adam Lincoln said a few residents complained they did not receive correct ballots for their respective location. For example, Ward 1 has received Ward 2 ballots.

The mistake follows several others in recent years. The Evergreen reported in 2016 that the office had made at least three ballot errors over five months. The Evergreen also reported that the office had multiple budget discrepancies and financial inaccuracies the same year.

More recently, state auditors found there had been improvements, but the office still has work to do.

Both Lincoln and an employee from the auditor’s office said they are unsure why this issue is occurring, but Lincoln said the auditor’s office database is somehow incorrect. He said the city has had the same ward information since 2011, and the maps have not changed because it was adopted in an ordinance.

“Errors seem to continually happen,” Lincoln said.

The city’s statement noted that residents can call the auditor’s office for a corrected copy.

Whitman County Auditor Eunice Coker could not be reached for comment.