On-campus services available for students during break

Those who can’t return home can participate in community events


JONI COBARRUBIAS | The Daily Evergreen

Freshman Dayton Matsushima fills his plate at a Friendsgiving dinner last week.

YASMEEN WAFAI, Evergreen assistant editor

Going home for Thanksgiving break is not an option for all students, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Center and Multicultural Student Services will be open for those staying in town.

Kimberly Dela Cruz, a retention counselor, said the center usually hosts game nights or a Thanksgiving lunch for students staying in town. She said out-of-state students or student mentors typically take the lead on these events.

“We provide the space and they provide the fun,” Dela Cruz said.

She also said the center provides students with a newsletter that lists places open on campus during break, so students know they have options.

Dela Cruz said there are no events officially planned for the upcoming break, but because the center is open, students often come and hang out. She also said many of the staff members have informal gatherings at their houses and invite students who need a place to go for Thanksgiving.

“Student leaders have always gotten together during the holiday season,” Dela Cruz said. “It’s always been kind of like a family feel. No one gets left out in the family.”

She said she wants students who stay in town for break to know there are other people around too.

“No one should be spending the holidays on their own,” Dela Cruz said.

If students reach out to someone, she said, they will find a home during Thanksgiving break.

“Reach out and connect with someone,” she said.

The centers will be open Monday through Wednesday of break from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Another resource available for students in need is the Pullman Community Action Center. They will not be serving a Thanksgiving dinner for the community, but their food bank will provide holiday food items for anyone who needs them.

Students can also spend time over break in the Student Recreation Center, the Chinook Student Center and the CUB. The buildings will have limited operating hours during break, but students can use the facilities when they are open.