Young Democrats protest Congressional tax bill

Students say House version of bill would impact graduate students, borrowers


ZACH RUBIO | The Daily Evergreen

WSU Young Democrats member Jacob Woodbury protests and talks to passing students Monday morning on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall.

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

A handful of Young Democrats of WSU staged a small demonstration on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall today to protest Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ “yes” vote on a controversial House tax plan that may impact students.

The protesters said the bill would have negative repercussions for many WSU students because the House bill, which was passed last month, would strip many tax benefits for both undergraduate and graduate students. It would also repeal tax deduction for interest paid on federal student loans, the Washington Post reported.

The Senate’s version of the bill passed early Saturday morning and did not include many of the controversial education elements. The next step of the process will be for leaders from both chambers to meet and discuss changes.

Cassidy Cunningham, a Young Democrats of WSU member, said the bill would affect her financial situation as a third-generation student.

Because of her long family history of student loans, Cunningham said that it is important to understand the impacts of the bill and how it will affect future students in her family, such as her younger brother.

The protestors at the rally held up various signs including, “Inside Look at GOP #TaxScamBill” and “Cathy voted to raise taxes on WSU grad students.”

Jacob Woodbury, another member of the student organization, described how the tax bill would impact future graduate students.

“Increasing taxes disincentives some of the brightest minds,” Woodbury said.

As a future graduate student, he said he feels strongly about the bill and wants Lisa Brown, the Democratic candidate for this district, to take Rodgers’ place.

With the hope for a new representative, the protesters announced phrases such as,
“Let’s vote in a Democrat, let’s vote Lisa Brown” and “Lisa Brown will stand for students.”

Mohamed Salem, an Evergreen columnist and Young Democrats member, reminded students to vote for their representatives and use their rights.

“[It’s] essential to get students to protect their future and stability,” he said.