City Council approves winter College Hill parking restrictions

Parking would be prohibited during early morning hours over fall, winter and spring breaks

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

After a series of meetings with both ASWSU and the public, the Pullman City Council approved a parking ordinance that will allow the city to restrict parking on College Hill during certain hours over break.

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins, said that between the hours of 2 and 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, the city would use snowplows to remove ice and snow on College Hill during the weeks of winter break.

Cars that are left parked on the designated streets will be towed after seven days of absence, which can be enforced at any time, he said.

To accommodate College Hill residents, the City of Pullman and WSU Transportation Services have collaborated to create alternative parking options.

Parking will be available in the BLUE 1 lot, across from the South Fairway Playfield, from Monday to Jan 9. During this time, permits for the lot will not be required.

However, in order to leave a vehicle in the lot, residents of College Hill must notify WSU Transportation Services by leaving their name, WSU ID number, license plate number, make and color of vehicle, and personal contact information to their official email.

Due to the buildup of ice and snow debris, roadways become difficult to clear and are reduced to single lanes, according to the news release. As a result, the roads become impassible and limit access to residents, visitors and emergency vehicles.

Jenkins said the new parking restrictions will continue to be prohibited on specific College Hill streets between these designated hours in future school year breaks as well.  

The streets that will be restricted include:

NE Colorado Street from NE D Street to NE Opal Street

NE Campus Street from NE Opal Street to NE B Street

NE B Street from NE Colorado Street to NE California Street

NE California Street from NE B Street to NE Ruby Street

NE Maiden Lane from NE Whitman Street to NE Opal Street

NE D Street from NE Colorado Street to NE Alpha Road

NE C Street from NE Colorado Street to NE Alpha Road

NE A Street from NE Colorado Street to California Street

Maple Street from Campus to NE California Street

NE Linden Street from NE B Street to NE Monroe Street