Student Media Board votes to delay cuts

If the Evergreen’s referendum proposal fails, the newspaper will be four days a week

YASMEEN WAFAI, Evergreen assistant editor

The Student Media Board unanimously voted to wait to cut print until the results of their proposed referendum are announced in March.

The board decided cutting the paper now, would not allow for sufficient time to make changes to the newsroom’s production.

“Waiting would allow us to focus on the referendum,” Editor-in-Chief Madison Jackson said.

If the referendum does not pass, the board voted to reduce printing to four days a week starting March 23 which would save $8,267.

If the referendum does pass, a fee of five dollars will be charged to students every fall and spring semester. WSU Visitor’s Magazine and Mint editor Gabriella Ramos said this fee would not be to put more money in Student Media’s pockets, but would allow for things like the upkeep of equipment and travel budget.

Ramos also discussed Student Media’s plans to campaign for the referendum. She said tabling, advertisements in the CUB and going out on the mall to get students to vote are all part of their campaign plans.

In addition to proposing a referendum to the senate tonight, Student Media will also be presenting to GPSA on February 12. Leigh Gaskin, GPSA representative, noted that fifty to sixty percent of GPSA senators said they are in favor of the referendum.

The board also touched on the idea of a faculty subscription that was brought up at the emergency Student Media Board meeting earlier in the month. Richard Miller, Director of Student Media, said they have figured out how to receive money if the subscription is put in place, but they have not promoted it yet because they are working to build a newsletter first.

The option to change the paper to a tabloid format, which would be smaller and cheaper to print, was tabled.

“We need to focus on keeping the journalism flowing in this office,” Miller said.