WSU Everett to consolidate resources

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

With less than 200 students enrolling this past spring, Everett is the smallest WSU campus.

“We are a small staff and many of us wear multiple professional hats,” Paul Pitre, chancellor of WSU Everett, said in a news release.

Everett’s main goal is to balance investments and slow down the rate of overall spending, Pitre said.

In alignment to the university’s list of criteria, Everett plans to reduce travel expenses and delay filling in open positions in order to avoid additional costs.

ASWSU Everett President Lindsey Major said she was aware of the cuts on campus spending, but was unclear of the budget plan for WSU Everett.

As of now, Major said that ASWSU Everett has been focused on services and activities fees, specifically a reduction in ASWSUE’s budget as a whole.

“It is partly because we had more organizations than last year,” Major said. “It has to be distributed among more clubs.”

One of the examples of cutting costs Major included was graduation. She said the campus chose to use the Everett Community College facility as a venue because it was free, compared to their other options.