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Movies to watch (and to avoid) while stoned

Paranoia is a natural side-effect of smoking weed, don’t enhance this with a trippy film

BRYCE CHAPMAN, Evergreen columnist

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For everybody who is excited to partake in the trending national holiday 4/20, I know what you are thinking: “What is a great movie to watch while high?” It’s a tough question. But have no fear — I have taken the liberty of naming the five best, and three worst, stoner movies of all time.

The quintessential stoner movie has to be “Pineapple Express.” This 2008 film has everything you could want in a stoner flick: comedy, action and weed, lots and lots of weed. The chemistry between Seth Rogen and James Franco is so perfect, their delivery keeps viewers glued to the screen. It is such a good movie that you actually might remember the plot the next day.

A cult classic movie with a crazy plot, two loveable underdogs, and the worst case of the munchies ever known? Sounds like a perfect stoner flick to me. “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” is a movie that exceeds expectations and showcases that Fridays are made for getting high with your friends and going to look for some delicious food.

Speaking of “Friday,” that just happens to be the name of the next movie on my list. Not much needs to be said about this iconic movie that hasn’t already been said. It stars two unemployed buddies who find themselves in serious trouble when their fondness for weed gets them into debt. The best part of the whole movie is that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are the leads in the film, and who doesn’t love those guys?

One of the first sensationalized stoner flicks is “Up in Smoke.” This movie is Cheech and Chong’s first-ever adventure on the big screen. It is an iconic film that I encourage everyone to see. While the storyline may not have aged gracefully, it is an absolute blast to watch, high or not.

My personal favorite stoner movie of all time is “Dazed and Confused.” This film was a launching pad for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars today: Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck and Matthew “Freaking” McConaughey. This film is a must-see for all movie lovers, and people who just want to have a good time. I’m assuming that a movie dedicated to the old days, when students would skip school to mess around, have fun and get high would be pretty enjoyable under the influence of cannabis.

Now, while I cannot legally partake in the recreational activity of smoking the “Devil’s Lettuce,” I have done my research and can confidently recommend the three movies you should absolutely avoid watching while high.

The first movie is “Inception.” While obviously not a stoner flick, this is still a very popular movie that many people love. However, this piece of cinema can be very dangerous. Even sober, the film makes many people’s brains explode. Now, imagine if you were baked. I would worry for your sanity and overall health. Please stay away from this movie on Friday.

It is a very popular opinion that marijuana makes the average person at least a little paranoid. So “The Truman Show,” a movie about a man put into a fake world while being watched by millions of people, is not the type of film you want to watch while high. Instead of a nice buzz, you will be looking over your shoulder all night and the wonderful day of 4/20 will end with your tears.

The worst movie to watch while high just so happens to be the best overall movie on this whole list, in my opinion. “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the movie “Inception” on steroids. Meaning, it is going to destroy you. Many people feel the first two-thirds of this film is pretty slow. And for those of you under the influence, it could move at a snail’s pace. This all changes with the most seismic shift in the history of film, a change that would make the soberest person feel like they’re on LSD. Bright lights, lucid imagery and a giant space baby might just make a stoned viewer drop cold. If you want to try this epic of a movie, please be as sober as possible.

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Movies to watch (and to avoid) while stoned