Letter from the news editors: ringing in a new semester

Get to know the news editors for this fall’s Daily Evergreen.



Welcome to Pullman, Cougs! Let me take this chance to introduce myself. My name is Rachel Sun, and I’m the news editor at The Daily Evergreen this fall.

I’m a senior majoring in multimedia journalism, and grew up right here on the Palouse. I never worked for a student paper in high school, nor was I an avid writer until I reached college. Unlike many of my peers, I didn’t know I was going to do journalism until I got to college, but I chose it because I wanted to tell people’s stories, help others learn and give a voice to those who might be overlooked.

I first began at the Evergreen nearly two years ago as a photographer, where I fell in love with the job that let me meet with so many different people and learn from an incredibly hard-working, thoughtful and dedicated group of students.

I began writing articles in June of last year, and fall of 2017 I served as assistant photo editor for the Evergreen while also writing for our News and Life sections.

Thanks to several months of mentoring from peers and professional journalists, I got an internship with The Spokesman-Review in spring of this year to report on the state legislature. This summer, I worked from the Spokane office as a general assignment reporter, and finished my last day Friday.

As news editor, I’ll work hard to make sure our section keeps you, the students, WSU employees and community members that read our paper informed on issues that affect WSU and the Pullman area.

In the past year, The Daily Evergreen has covered WSU stories including the university budget, academic freedom, cutting Performing Arts and reductions in graduate student stipends.

We’ve also covered city hall, Pullman public schools, breaking news and other local events. As WSU students we’re part of a community on campus and in Pullman at large, and our coverage reflects that.

I hope that in the coming semester you’ll take the chance to learn about what’s happening around you and let us know about what matters to you.

If you know about a story we should be covering, submit a news tip. If there are issues concerning you, come talk to me. We’re ready to listen, and hopefully help you be more informed, engaged and connected.


Ever since my freshman year of high school I have wanted to be a journalist.

I have had a passion for writing, storytelling and asking questions from a young age. English was always my favorite subject and when I found out my high school had a newspaper, I had no doubts about signing up.

While I was happy to get some experience there, I knew I needed more. Thanks to The Daily Evergreen, that opportunity came to me when I arrived at WSU.

I started working here as a sophomore, but my first go at the job was short-lived. The story I was assigned kept falling through, I was consistently doubting my writing and reporting skills and was becoming overwhelmed with everything else I had going on. I decided working for the paper was too much for me to handle and I left before my first article was even published.

After a difficult sophomore year, during which I was convinced I would transfer, I came back to WSU after coming to the realization I needed to stick it out and finish strong. I knew that in order to make the most of my time here, I had to get involved so I decided to come back to The Daily Evergreen.

The editors at the time were extremely welcoming and helpful and after a few weeks, I finally felt like I was where I was supposed to be.

Fast-forward about a year later and I am now the assistant news editor. It is by no means an easy job, but I know this experience is second to none.

I feel so lucky to exercise my passion for genuine storytelling in a newsroom like The Daily Evergreen’s. As a senior graduating this December, I plan to make the best of my remaining weeks at WSU and am looking forward to serving our readers.