Unofficial entity sent Whitman County voters inaccurate information, auditor says

All official materials will be clearly marked with County or Secretary of State logo

CHERYL AARNIO, Evergreen reporter

In Whitman County, an entity calling itself the “Center for Voter Information” has been mailing voters incorrect information, according to a press release from Whitman County Auditor.

The letters the organization have been mailing state the voter receiving the letter is inactive and must fill out an attached form and send it into the Auditor’s Office with a prepaid envelope, according to the press release – however, the voters who have been receiving this mail are not inactive.

The form that has been sent out is not an official form, the press release stated, and does not have all the information the official form has.

The organization has also been texting voters who received this mail, confirming that they are working to become active voters, according to the press release.

Any mail regarding voter registration or election information will be from the local County Auditor’s Elections Department or the Washington Secretary of State, according to the press release.

The official envelope with anything regarding voting will have the logo of either the county or the Secretary of State on it, according to the press release, and there will always be an official letterhead on the correspondence.