Street talk: What is the creepiest or cringiest dirty text you’ve received?

MILA WIDMAYER, Evergreen columnist

“I was on Snapchat and some guy sent me a picture of his junk and said, ‘This is what you missed out on babe.’ I also got a Tinder message once asking if I wanted ‘fucky fucky.’ ” – Anonymous

“We were talking about how this guy didn’t have a car and he texted, ‘Kinda haha but not the worst haha. How often do you masturbate?’ We never talked again.” – Laura H.

“This guy’s inside of me and then he just says: ‘I watched Wayne’s World for the first time the other day.’ And I’m just sitting there like, excuse me? What do you mean you just watched Wayne’s World the other day? At that point, I had never seen Wayne’s World, and so I didn’t know why he would be telling me this. Does he think that’s like my favorite movie? Does he think that Mike Myers like turns me on? I have no idea why you’re telling me this information, but I guess good to know. So I was shocked and just completely silent. We didn’t have sex again and broke up like two weeks later.” – Carmen J.

“I once had a guy on Tinder ask me to have a threesome with his friend, that was literally the first message he sent me. He said, ‘Look, me and my friend are at home, and we both are down to fuck. Come here and we’ll make you feel like a real woman.’ I just responded, ‘What?’ ” – Marley B.