Q&A: Have you ever been caught having sex?

Hardly anything is as jarring as when someone witnesses you doing ‘nasty’; so we asked Cougs to share



Look, we’re just trying to have some privacy … in an open space.

SIGMUND SEROKA, Evergreen reporter

Sex is awkward enough, with all the behaviors we’d never do around anyone else manifesting as moans and screams and steamy windows. What’s worse is when a third party walks in, uninvited, and sees the dirty deed. Here are some stories of WSU students that got caught while doing it.

Carl, junior at WSU

Q: So how did you get caught?

A: So, this one night, I was in my friend’s room and me and this lady friend of mine we were getting to know each other pretty well, I would say. We were getting acquainted and such and she decided to go down on me. As I recall I was in my friend’s room not my own, being a rascal, as you will. This girl was doing great things for me, it was great. I was having a great time.

Q: What kind of great things?

A: Oral sex. As I was coming to arrival, the inhabitant of the room walked through the door and as I came, he burst through the door and I stared him directly in the eyes as I orgasmed into a person’s mouth. It was scarring, I tell you what it changed me as a person, as a man and it’s not what I wanted.

Q: Did this make the relationship between you and your friend awkward after he witnessed your orgasm?

A: Oh no, it was great. we’re fine. We’re still great friends and we talk whenever we see each other. It’s like it never happened.

Q: What about the girl? Did you guys continue what you had started before he came in or do you not talk anymore?

A: We don’t really talk anymore after that. Whenever I see her it’s fine, we say hi but other than that, no.


Cherry, freshman at WSU

Q: So how did you get caught?

A: It’s not very long. It was in a public place so you should expect something like that to happen. So, I was in the car in a parking garage and next thing I know I look up and there was someone standing at the window staring at me and we make eye contact and they run away.

Q: When you saw the person in the window, did you stop? Did you tell your partner?

A: I said, ‘There’s someone looking at us. And they said, ‘What?’ and I said, ‘There’s someone looking at us.’ When he looked though, they were gone and that had like never happened before. But it was so weird because they weren’t just like walking, they were leaning against the window just staring. I didn’t know how to react, I was kind of shocked.

Q: Did it throw off the mood?

A: Yeah we left like right after that, like pretty quickly because we didn’t know who it was and we were worried they were gonna call and be like ‘there’s two kids doing this,’ so we just drove off.

Q: Why did you feel like a parking garage was the best place at the time?

A: Because that one isn’t as crowded, like there’s cars but only on the first two levels so it isn’t used that often. To make it worse, it was right across the street from my high school, it was kind of convenient.

Q: So it ruined the moment, but did it ruin the relationship?

A: No, we were just over it after like an hour. Nothing bad happened like they weren’t recording and they didn’t call the cops, so we were just like whatever.