Little doughnuts bring big smiles

Employee Christa Hernandez pours doughnut batter into the frying machine Friday morning at Buy the Dozen Donuts in Moscow.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen Roots editor

Local pastry lovers treated themselves for National Doughnut Day on Friday — courtesy of Moscow’s Buy the Dozen Donut shop.

Store employees fried up small servings of mini doughnuts served in paper food trays, starting at 7 a.m. The doughnuts were handed out for free and topped with flavored sugars and glazes.

Employee Christa Hernandez worked the outdoor fryer, which is affectionately dubbed “Bossy,” as customers waited in a line outside.

The shop, which started as a small stand in 2009, still fries mini doughnuts fresh in front of customers, just like when it began eight years ago.

RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen
Five-year-old Aeris Quaade enjoys her chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkle doughnuts Friday at Buy the Dozen Donuts in Moscow.

As Hernandez fried a batch of doughnuts, a group of kids gathered next to the stand to watch. The batter would plop into the hot oil and travel slowly down the machine, before dropping into a basket where Hernandez picked them out with tongs and dusted them with sugar or glazes while explaining the process to the young spectators.

The process of watching the doughnuts travel down the fryer can be mesmerizing, especially for the younger customers, shop owner Ray Wallace said.

“Kids love to watch the doughnuts being made,” he said.

The shop is popular with locals of all ages, many of whom frequent the outdoor stand during the Moscow Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Regular customer Molly Champ-Gibson ordered the Pink Lemonade glazed donuts.

“I like to come here during the farmer’s market,” she said. “I think it’s cool that there’s a local chain, and I feel like they’re very active in the community.”

The connection to the community is rewarding for the customers, Wallace said.

“Everyone’s always happy,” Wallace said. “Even though they’re waiting in line, they can’t wait to get their doughnuts, and it’s just great to see everybody coming by.”

Hernandez agreed, and said she likes seeing how much people love the business.

“[The customers] are always just happy to see you and happy to get doughnuts,” she said.

RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen
Customer Amy Right ordered Lemon Glazed doughnuts Friday morning for National Doughnut Day.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of options. Flavors range from classics like cinnamon and sugar to more unusual combinations like lavender, Mexican chocolate and even honey Sriracha for those seeking a unique culinary experience.

Another original creation the shop offers is “The Unicorn” doughnut, made with vanilla glaze, whipped cream, rainbow marshmallows and topped with blue and purple sprinkles.

“Right now, we probably have 23 to 25 flavors — either sugars or glazes that we can put on the doughnuts,” Wallace said. “Honey Sriracha is kind of one of our more wild flavors. It’s really good, actually.”

Hernandez said her favorite flavors include Mexican chocolate and the locally-sourced lavender flavor from Windy Crest Farms in Oakesdale.

“Those are my two favorites, plus the lemon glaze,” Hernandez said. “Everyone wants some lemon, some fresh zest in their life.”

The shop’s stand can be found just outside the farmer’s market every Saturday, in addition to the shop’s normal business hours from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.