Students recognize Murrow’s Tami Vik as best academic adviser



Tami Vik, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication academic adviser, helps students design four-year plans.

KURIA POUNDS, Evergreen reporter

Tami Vik, academic adviser for the Murrow College of Communication, has worked as an adviser for 13 years and strives to be accessible for students.

Vik was voted as the best academic adviser by WSU students and specializes in helping students make a four-year plan.

Vik began her career at a different college but then switched to Murrow. She said she works to make sure students feel like they can come to her.

“I try to be accessible. I try to be funny and easy-to-come-to for my students,” Vik said. “If a student walks in and doesn’t have an appointment, I’m probably still going to talk to them.”

Megan Starr-Gepford, Vik’s colleague and fellow Murrow academic adviser, said she has worked with Vik for multiple years in the college and has really gotten to know the adviser over their time working together.

“She has a lot of great knowledge and skills in student interaction,” she said.

Starr-Gepford said Vik is a go-to if she has any questions, and said Vik is the longest tenure in the Murrow College.

“I started working with her as a one-on-one colleague with her three years ago,” she said.

Vik said she works with students from the first day of WSU Alive! until their graduation date and loves to see her students move into their new path of life. She also likes to see the progress they have shown.

“It’s fun and it’s exciting, it’s them doing that work and making that accomplishment,” she said.

Starr-Gepford said she really admires Vik’s dedication to seeing her students succeed and setting them up for success.

“I definitely view her as a mentor, an advising mentor,” she said. “She has more historical knowledge of the college than anybody in the department, so I really rely on her to provide context if I have situations that I need some guidance with.”

Vik said she sees herself as a guide for her students and believes she is simply helping create the pathway for their success.

“I just guide them,” she said. “It’s up to them to accomplish that task.”