Celebrate festival of colors in Pullman

Traditional spring celebration features dancing, music, food; participants anticipate rainbow-like appearance



Holi is a traditional Indian festival of love and color, typically celebrated in spring. WSU Indian Students’ Association is hosting its 2019 Holi festival from 11 a.m. to noon Sunday at Reaney Park and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

TRINITY PIERCE, Evergreen reporter

The Indian Students’ Association will celebrate the Holi Festival from 11 a.m. to noon Sunday at Reaney Park, where it will be open to the public and free to attend.

Holi is a popular Hindu festival of love and color and is one of the most significant Indian celebrations. While there was no Holi Festival in Pullman last year, this year there will once again be a celebration.

“[Holi] usually signifies the start of spring,” said Vishnutej Ellur, the communication chair of the Indian Students’ Association. “It signifies the win of good over bad because there was a bad character called Holika, so Holika dies and the festival is celebrated as Holi.”

Holi actually starts with the burning of wood the night before the celebration, which signifies the burning of the monster Holika, Ellur said.

The event will also have food, some of which the Indian Students’ Association will prepare, while other food will be ordered from Seattle, Ellur said.

“We are cooking pav bhaji. It’s bread and potato and cauliflower-based curry,” Ellur said.

While the event won’t have any vendors, it will have a lot of traditional Holi music and dancing.

Traditionally, people would apply a handful of colors on their faces for the event, Ellur said. However, other people, especially kids, will sometimes start putting color all over their body.

During the festival, celebrants will play with color in various ways and often end up covered in the entire color spectrum by the end of celebrations. Attendees can expect to be a walking rainbow by the end of the event.

So far, 70 people have already confirmed to attend on Facebook, and more are sure to go. It’s a day guaranteed to have laughter, color and dancing.

“There will be food, it will be fun, there will be music and the weather is getting good,” Ellur said. “This is a really good time to come out and celebrate.”