Jordan Frost voted as best student leader for leaving mark on WSU

Frost has come a long way from hall government; he hopes to set positive precedent



Jordan Frost hopes to take the lessons he learned as student regent with him to the Issaquah School District, where he hopes to grow as a teacher.

ALEX BIVIANO, Evergreen columnist

Jordan Frost has served WSU every day for the past six years.

The former ASWSU president graduated WSU last year but has served as the student regent this year while student teaching in Spokane.

Frost is well known for his progress on sexual assault prevention and mental health resources on campus. Even after graduating Frost has remained in the spotlight due to successful policies and his ability to maintain visibility on campus.

The university’s social media presence and engagement with students has increased under the leadership of Frost and he describes it as one of his proudest accomplishments as student regent.

He said he is also still proud to be an honorary member of the Kappa Delta sorority.

“Someone who is focused on and service and doing whatever it takes on behalf of the students is what it takes to be a good student leader,” Frost said.

“Doing whatever it takes” is a good way to summarize the impact Frost has had on WSU. It started as being the president of Scott-Coman Hall where his dreams were far from being ASWSU president.

Frost said that he has risen as high as he has by taking every opportunity he could.

The most valuable experience in Frost’s eyes was his Residence Hall Association presidency which he said taught him valuable lessons about working with others and empowering people so that they can be as successful as they can be.

In order to rise through the ranks, Frost said he emphasized the importance of patience.

“Value every single opportunity you get,” Frost said. “You have to grind at every level.”

Frost’s work ethic, ability to empower others and willingness to compromise is what made him the student leader he is and earned the student choice award for best student leader.