Crimson Cube holds best Pacific Northwest art on campus



With so many interesting pieces of art on campus, put them online so students can still view them.

MILA WIDMAYER, Evergreen columnist

The recently completed Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is the best place to, well, look at art.

Winning this year’s Students’ Choice Award for best art on campus, there’s a reason why this building has got it going on.

“This building always relaxes me when I’m super stressed about school,” said Aria Flaherty, a junior pre-med zoology student. “I love coming here to look at all the installations, and usually it’s super quiet.”

It is the perfect place to pop by between classes, take someone on a date or immerse yourself in the most decorated building on campus.

Over the past few years, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum breathed new life onto campus. It transformed from a hole in the ground to a shiny, red beacon of intellectual prominence. You can see red reflections of the sun in different spots on campus from time to time.

“I did a photo shoot with my friend on campus, and the photos turned out better than I’d ever hoped,” said Jordan Drake, a sophomore linguistics major. “The art museum during golden hour is the best color I’ve ever seen.”

After putting your belongings inside the provided cubicles, one can enter through the welcoming glass doors into exhibition rooms. From there, students can be seen slowly walking around the cavernous spaces, whispering quietly to their friends about the different styles of art, ranging from modern sculptures to classic period pieces.

While there may not be any Van Gogh hanging on the walls, the Schnitzer Museum prides itself on “combining academic needs of students with community connections to transform the regional art experience.” Found on its website, the museum values the preservation of the Pacific Northwest region’s art, while also remaining committed to engaging with the WSU student body and their educational needs.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., located on 1535 Wilson Rd.