Intramural soccer provides accommodating experience for all

This year’s Students’ Choice Award for best intramural sport goes to soccer



Students compete in a coed intramural soccer match on Apr. 23, 2017 at Rogers Field.

ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter

If anyone knows WSU intramural soccer, it’s sophomore animal science major Avery Lane.

Lane has played intramural soccer during her two years at WSU, including in both the spring and fall outdoor leagues. She said the team rotates positions based on what is needed, but she prefers midfielder or forward. Some teams are exclusively male or female; Lane’s is coed.

The team plays one game a week. There are no required practices, drills or workouts, but Lane said she appreciates the casual nature of the intramural team.

“That’s what’s fun about it,” she said. “You just go to play.”

Lane said she grew up playing soccer and wanted to continue into college. She joined a team as a freshman, and she’s watched that team rotate as new players find room in their schedules.

This kind of flexibility, she said, is what makes the intramural soccer teams so inviting and accommodating.

“It’s a mix of people who have experience,” Lane said, “but last year we had some girls who had never touched a soccer ball before.”

As intramural sports go, soccer seems to be quite popular. Lane said there are six teams in her division, which plays on Mondays. There are 14 teams in the Sunday division, six on Tuesday and four on Wednesday — and those are just the coed teams.

The teams will eventually go into tournament play, where they will play elimination matches within each division. After that, the top teams from every division will go into the playoffs.

But it’s not all about being the best or beating the other teams. Lane said intramural soccer is open to everyone regardless of experience, and games are a social event as much as a competitive one.

“With my team, we’re just laughing the whole time,” Lane said. “If you mess up, it’s just funny.”