Satori aims high for cannabis products, buyer experience

Local dispensary recognized for customer service; knowledgeable staff address consumers’ needs



Manager Ronee Nemechek speaks about the type of cannabis products the store sells on Saturday at Satori. These products include flowers, edibles and concentrates.

CAMERON SHEPPARD, Evergreen reporter

The people of Satori pride themselves on excellent customer service and providing a wide variety of cannabis products to both experienced cannabis-users and individuals who are new to the scene.

Ronee Nemechek has been a manager at Satori since late summer 2016.

“Business [in Pullman] has been great,” Nemechek said.

Satori offers cannabis products including, but not limited to, pre-rolled joints, concentrates, edible products and bud.

Satori employees often engage in educational training and meet with cannabis growers and producers to try new products and discuss the differences between them, Nemechek said.

“We want to have budget-conscious [products] all the way up to the top-shelf things for connoisseurs,” she said.

The shop sees a lot of business from students at WSU, Nemechek said, but even when students go home during breaks, it gets a lot of patronage from the more permanent residents around Pullman.

“During those times when people are on break, our community in Pullman really keeps us going,” Nemechek said.

Nemechek said customer service is an emphasis for her staff and herself, and it is part of why customers choose to come back to Satori over the other dispensaries in the area.

Luis Perez has worked at Satori for eight months. He said his experience there has been positive, and everyone treats each other like family.

“We try to make it a personal experience when you come in,” Nemechek said. “Your friends work here. We know your name. We know what [cannabis products] you tried last week.”

Perez said it is important for employees to find out what each customer’s needs are, especially because every person has their own preferences and tolerance to potency.

Nemechek said she is proud of the passion her staff has shown toward taking care of the customers and knowing the products being sold.