Students choose both South Fork, Cougar Entertainment Center as go-to date spot

Public house offers tasty bar experience, while entertainment center has exciting activities for all



Students couldn’t decide, so both South Fork Public House and the Cougar Entertainment Center are both great date ideas.

TY EKLUND, Evergreen reporter

Deciding where to go on a date can sometimes be hard. Luckily, Pullman holds places that stand out to people for obvious reasons. 

The “go-to date spot” of the 2019 Students’ Choice Awards was so close that it drew a tie between South Fork Public House and the Cougar Entertainment Center.

Both of these businesses have the potential to make fun memories for young couples looking to share some stress-free time away from school and activities. 

It’s all about first impressions, and the key to presentation is the destination, which can make or break your experience with your date.

Great service and food come hand-in-hand at the South Fork Public House. South Fork has numerous menu options to choose from and a bar with a variety of colorful, great tasting selections that come together for a great time.

Manager Carter Shirreff assured that the great staff and workers make the dining experience a great one.

“I think we have a really relaxed atmosphere. Our employees are very welcoming as well as entertaining,” Shirreff said. “They do a great job at determining guest needs as well as providing excellent service.”

A special dinner item that is popularly ordered by the customers is the Cougar Gold mac and cheese. Just the sound of this dish perks up the ears.

Shirreff said the Cougar Gold mac and cheese is popular because of its relatability to locals.

“We do actually use Cougar Gold straight from Ferdinand’s Creamery … it’s a very popular choice because it has local ties,” Shirreff said.

The dining experience is about more than just the food as the environment sets the mood and makes for a fun atmosphere, causing South Fork to be one of the top choices for date night.

The second nominee was the Cougar Entertainment Center. With options like laser tag, an arcade, mini golf and an upcoming VR experience, the Cougar Entertainment Center provides fun for all ages.

Quincy Robert, Cougar Entertainment Center manager, described it as a family-friendly and student-oriented place that creates a fun environment without the excessive use of alcohol.

“I feel this place is perfect for people to go out on a date at, specifically because of the mini golf,” Robert said. “We have a lot of couples come into play mini golf. They can pay or play together. They can sit there and talk the whole time and get to know each other better on a first date or a second date.”

The Cougar Entertainment Center along with South Fork make great options for potential date spots, and with affordable prices, they can be for anyone looking to make great memories.