Hip-hop dance group forms bonds, entertains

Cabinet members say team welcomes passion, celebrates differences



Krimson Kouture will perform at the homecoming bonfire in October and at basketball games. For now, they’re working on hosting a back-to-school dance party.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen reporter

Krimson Kouture is gearing up for a fun year of hip-hop and majorette dance performances.

The group, which is now in its third year, performs at events ranging from basketball games, to Greek banquets, to multicultural events, said Promise Calloway, the public relations officer of Krimson Kouture.

Dancers of all skill levels comprise the group, and practices are open for people who have never tried the popping and locking that is characteristic of hip-hop dance.

“Even if you just want to watch us dance, you can just sit and watch, that’s fine,” Calloway said.

Krimson Kouture practices three times per week to prepare for their performances. During practices, members get to meet each other with quick icebreakers, warm-up and learn new routines, said Bintou Barrow, one of three co-captains of the group.

“If [members] have questions or if a move is too confusing for them, we break if down,” Barrow said.

The practices are a good time for members to use exercise to release stress caused by classes and being away from home, said Lenisha Bryant-Hamilton, one of the co-captains and a founder of Krimson Kouture.

Bryant-Hamilton, Vashti Breland and Nailah Kent founded the group two years ago because they saw that other dance groups on campus weren’t offering what they wanted in a team, Bryant-Hamilton said.

“There are teams on campus where people feel like, ‘Oh, because I don’t look like this or because I can’t dance like this, I can’t be on that team,’ ” Bryant-Hamilton said. “We didn’t want to put restrictions on anybody who felt like, ‘I just want to dance.’”

Though the group is mainly female, anyone who is interested is welcome to join. Members of the club are incredibly close and spend time together outside of practice, Bryant-Hamilton said.

“We’re so welcoming,” Bryant-Hamilton said. “Everybody has this central passion or desire to dance.”

Krimson Kouture will be performing at the homecoming bonfire in October, as well as at basketball games later in the year. The cabinet also hopes to host a back-to-school dance party later this month.

In the meantime, the group will continue to learn new routines as a team and spend time together like a family.

“We’re all friends and if you see us on campus, we’re always going to say hi to each other,” Calloway said. “If one of our songs comes on at the club or something, we’ll all do the dance together.”